Proper mothers only vote for political parties the Establishment likes

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party reports some slightly worrying comments from Judge David Burns:

“If Ms X attends and supports the Legalise Cannabis Party the likely influence is that she supports consumption of that substance … That is in direct contradiction to her obligations as a parent because it affects her reliability as a mother,” David Burns said.

First up, no, dude.  The “likely influence” is that she supports legalising consumption of “that substance” (the clue is the big L in the name.)*

Secondly?  Go.  Fuck.  Yourself.  It is fucking ridiculous to act as though your own political views, and your own perception of what is and isn’t mainstream, allows you to make any fucking comment on a person’s ability to responsibly parent their child.

This is an issue whether you agree with legalising marijuana or not.  It would be an issue if a judge said “Parent X supports Act, which wants to fuck our tertiary education system so that’s in direct contradiction to hir obligations as a parent.”  It would be an issue if a judge sid “Parent X supports the Greens, who put the welfare of the planet before our god-mandated duty to procreate, so that’s in direct contradiction to hir obligations as a parent.”

When Ms X is openly dealing pot on the streets and advocating hotboxing your maternity ward during pregnancy,then maybe we can talk about parental obligations.

Supporting a political party which advocates changing our current law and therefore theoretically supports the future legal performance of a currently illegal action?  Kinda what political supporters do, Your Fuckface Honour.


*She may well smoke pot too, but that may have more to do with … being a New Zealander.  There’s a reason Tool albums sell really well here.


  1. Boganette

    Fuckin aye! This would be a huge fucking deal if the judge said someone who votes National shouldn’t be trusted around kids.

    And also LOL at the Tool reference.

    • Blair Anderson

      Or, according to evidence, “Christian Hertitage Party”

      This Judge is a clown and a danger to children everywhere. The Law Society should be srceaming for his head.

  2. Paul Bailey

    If not taken out of context this comment is so bizarre the only logical conclusion one could infer from it is that Judge david Burns had been smoking some of the good stuff in cambers.

  3. Peter

    Can you advise the context in which this comment was made? If it was made in court while the judge was on the job, any idea if this comment is in any sort of breach of rules or etiquette for judges? If the comment was a personal statement while not on the job, then while I find the comment epicly lame, judges are still allowed to have personal opinions, though they probably have rules or a code of conduct around behaviour or comments while not at the bench.