Down Under Feminists’ Carnival XL – submissions open!

Dear readers, imagine my delight on typing out the headline above to realise the awesome punnage of “40” in Roman numerals being XL!

So let’s make this an extra-large carnival covering the awesome breadth and depth of Antipodean feminist blogging.  Any post from August 2011 may apply, and the carnival should go up on Sunday 4 September so you’ve a few days at the end of the month to get last-minute entries in.

Apparently there are some issues with the blogcarnival submission form, so feel free to flood qotblog [at] with your submissions.

A list of previous contributors (at least until carnival 21, so I’ll get that updated pronto!) is here if you want to quest valiantly for carnival-booty or just need some more Aussie and Kiwi feminist (and even some not-explicitly feminist) reading in your lives!


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