Headline writer struggles to insert enough “weighty” puns to compensate for reasonable story on fatness

Seriously, Manawatu Standard?  “Weighty subject of fat for talks”?  WTF does that even mean?

But I appreciate how confusing it can be for the media to deal with any discussion of weight and health which isn’t a panic-mongering bag of crap, and applaud your decision to run the story anyway, what with its controversial statements like:

One of the main topics Dr Pause covered was the concept that being fat is not inherently unhealthy.

“People get very focused on weight, but weight is not a proxy for health,” she said.

Dr Pause advocated a “health at every size” approach and said obese people should not be told by medical professionals to lose weight as a matter of course.

H/T the amazing Linda Bacon.


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  1. Deborah

    I went to that talk, with my girls. Cat Pause is one of my colleagues at Massey, and she is fantastic. I’m hoping to put up a post about her talk sometime in the next day or two… but things are pushed around here at present.