Fuck you, Sisters of Compassion marketing department

[Trigger warning for suicide and emotionally-blackmailing religious proselytizing]

You know what’s not fucking compassionate?

Leaving anonymous, unbranded envelopes in people’s mailboxes which read only:

“You will never know what it meant to me to be able to come and see you at the lowest time in my life… you stopped me from doing something I would have regretted forever.”

And then contains a fucking marketing letter signed by the Sisters of Compassion Congregational Leader Sister Margaret Anne Mills, full of “here’s all the good work we do” and “we’re praying for Christchurch” and oh, “please give us money and remember us in your will”.

Sorry, Sisters of Compassion.  I’m not in much of a fucking giving mood towards religious organisations which indulge in cheap emotional blackmail and don’t give a fuck about considering that in a country with a massive youth suicide rate, people may be a wee bit fucking sensitive to being reminded of the people who have done something which we get to regret forever, the people we couldn’t fucking help, the times in our lives when we ourselves have had to reach out to people who we don’t even know how to thank.

(And don’t fucking start me on how, given the fucking tragic proportion of gay, lesbian, bi, trans and other queer youth making up those aforementioned suicide statistics, the lack of fucking compassion they’ve received from the fucking Catholic Church makes this beyond ironic.)


  1. Simon C

    For a religion that puts so much emphasis on guilt and confession, the Catholic Church seems remarkably shameless.

    • Dan

      Hugely shameless. The Catholic Church makes me so damn angry. So much power and corruption in an organisation that’s supposed to not only teach, but demonstrate the opposite.

    • QoT

      Not at the moment, alas, but once access to a scanner eventuates there shall be much postage.

  2. long-time reader, first-time commenter

    For those who didn’t have the pleasure of receiving their complimentary guilt-trip in this morning’s post, here are some pictures (I had to take it in sections so the print would be big enough to read; don’t have a scanner sorry).

    Outside of the envelope: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/221/38132257.jpg/

    Part one: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/34/26896385.jpg/
    Part two: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/88/77730637.jpg/
    Part three: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/194/98344057.jpg/

  3. Mr Wainscotting

    The first paragraph on the last page, though they mean to say it’s the donations that make it possible, reads as if they’re saying that they hold the monopoly on charity and compassion, that only the Catholics are capable of helping anyone. Grrr…

    • QoT

      Well, if it’s not their variety of charity signed off by their specific hierarchy obviously it doesn’t count …

  4. Merlene Shedlock

    I am totally shocked by your attitude towards the Sisters of Compassion?
    Yes, the Catholic Church has a lot to answer for, but the Sisters of Compassion have done a lot of work in New Zealand for people who are desperate for help because their own families and communities are unavailable to care for them.
    The Home of Compassion was built for illegitimate children, woman would drop their babies off in baskets or plastic bags whatever, for the Sisters to raise. Because these mothers cannot feed their children, and it looks like this issue is coming around again with the ‘war on beneficiaries’ and poverty.
    It’s the Sisters of Compassion feeding wretched people every night at 5pm.
    Compassion is not something in your mindset, just anger and fury. Then so be it.

    • QoT

      Sorry, Merlene, bother to read the fucking post? Sisters of Compassion may do all the “good works” they like, but placing fundraising advertisements in people’s mailboxes, with no indication they are such, using emotive, potentially triggering phrasing around suicide or self-harm … is not fucking compassionate.

    • QS

      “It’s the Sisters of Compassion feeding wretched people every night at 5pm.”

      Since when is it okay to call people living in poverty ‘wretched’?

      • QoT

        Good point, QS. One is trying to refrain from making assumptions about how “compassionate” religious groups really feel about the poor, given how they have to be commanded by God to help them …