Why no one trusts PR people: now in Monckton flavour

Oh dear. “Lord” Christopher Monckton is in New Zealand to convince us all that climate change is a communist plot, or something (if no one makes a crack about Wellington’s coldest day on record “proving” “global warming” is a myth I will be amazed).

Annnnnnnd one of his “lectures” is being organised by the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand, and, according to an email sent to PRINZ members,* sponsored by Four Winds Communications, whose celebrated two-day workshop for junior PR practitioners must be fascinating.

The email states,

PRINZ Central Region has arranged for leading climate change skeptic, Lord Christopher Monckton, to address members at a special lunch-time event.

Don’t miss this thought-provoking presentation!!

One can only hope PRINZ actually mean for attendees to extract important PR lessons about not lying about being a member of the House of Lords/Nobel Prize winner for credence, and knowing what the heck you’re talking about before opening your gob, with a strong object lesson in how to make oneself look like a twit and the power of Google and blogs to expose one’s bullshit.


*Ew, I’m feeling a tad Cameron Slater-y.


    • QoT

      Hi Roger,

      I understand it can be a little confusing in the big scary internet, but the words in red text are what we call “links” which go to the sites of other people who have already dealt with Monckton’s bullshit.

      As my post is chiefly about the ridiculousness of PRINZ supporting his appearance, I didn’t really feel the need to rehash the entire climate change “debate” – and I’m not a science girl anyway. Also? My blog, so go fuck yourself with telling me what to write about.

      “Last resort” tactics is a lovely wee line coming from someone so wonderfully unable to address the actual post at hand.



      • rogerthesurf

        Your links are simply other people with problems like yours.

        ” I’m not a science girl anyway.”

        Well that shows!
        Thats why you obviously are unable to see the conflicts in the unproven “Anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis.

        In other words you are parroting what other people tell you instead of thinking for yourself.

        Ever read Orwells “Animal Farm”? Baa Baa. He made some good points did old Orwell!

        Of course you are not alone, even the NZ Greens are afraid to debate AGW with Lord Monckton. Now if truth and facts were on their side, one would think that they would have a huge advantage and not miss this chance to tear poor old Monckton to shreds.:)




        • QoT

          Thanks, Roger. It’s always really reassuring to have people persist in not addressing the actual, clearly-stated points of my posts because they’re just so desperate to put out noise about their favourite issue.

          And seeing as how the links to *other climate change deniers* establish that actually a Greens MP, Kennedy Graham, WILL be debating “Lord” Monckton during his trip here, thanks also for reinforcing how shite your reading comprehension is. It definitely encourages faith in your other arguments.

          Now since this *isn’t* a post to debate fucking climate change on, because that’s *not* the fucking point (but if you’ve got any excuses to make for your hero lying about receiving a Nobel Prize, go right ahead!), make a relevant comment or fuck off.

  1. Dan

    I can only assume that ‘thought provoking’ in this instance refers to thoughts such as ‘what the fuck am I doing here’, ‘I wonder if I left the oven on back home’ and ‘could I possibly get away with ramming a large volume of climate research papers down this pompous wankferret’s throat’.

  2. rogerthesurf

    [QoT: roger responds (at extreeeeeeeme length) that Kennedy Graham will no longer be “debating” “Lord” Monckton, as consistent with their decision not to “debate” him on TV. Fair enough, Greens. When I’m pointing out how ludicrous it is for PRINZ to dignify his lies (see those link things above?) I can hardly fault the Greens for not wanting to dignify him either. Now fuck off again, roger, until you can address the post and stop trying to bait me with ~hilarious~ “you dumb girl hurr hurr” insults.]

    • rogerthesurf

      [QoT: Roger proceeds to have a cry about how ~unfair~ it is that I won’t publish his comments, and further would just like us all to know he totally republishes his own comments in full on yet another climate-change-tinfoil-hat blog. Which is really great, roger, because that means I don’t need to explain to you how if you want a place to say whatever you like, you can run your own blog! I’m glad we have at least one point of mutual understanding.]

  3. SF

    Four Winds Communications – ah, they would be the people who handle the PR for the Gas Association of New Zealand, the LPG Association and also the Petroleum Exploration & Production Association New Zealand.

    Hmmm… what a strange coincidence!

  4. lyndon

    Roger’s objection is particularly (own, intial) objection can perhaps be countered by the way, when one John Abraham did do a point by point fact check of one of Monckton’s presentations, the peerly paragon of open debate… told his followers to try to get Abraham’s university to discipline him.

    So, someone seem to have this debate exactly backwards.

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