I’m having sex with multiple invisible partners right now

I’m again ceding the floor, this time to Gravey who lays it all down on Kiwi women’s “promiscuity”:

You sure as fuck are not a logician – these things are NOT a consequence of promiscuity. And fucking comments like yours do not help. Binge-drinking is NOT at the root of teen depression, it is one of the symptoms of it.

Shit, Gravey, here I was thinking young Kiwis were just horrid drunks/sluts/drunken sluts because they were inherently bad people.

I just can’t get over this.  Claiming that women who like to fuck are the cause of all the world’s violence and depression.

Well, our boobs do cause earthquakes.


  1. LadyNews

    “I get women coming in and saying, ‘Doctor, I can’t remember who I slept with yesterday.’

    “It is very, very frequent. I’m not talking about one or two or three or 1000 cases. I’m talking about thousands and thousands of cases a year [nationally].”

    So…he knows it’s frequent because he gets lots of women coming in to see him (in Timaru)saying this stuff, but then gives a number across all of NZ? Honestly, I call bullshit on this anecdotal stuff, because he will obviously be biased towards stating something that supports his view (drunk sluts are drunk and slutty). If he could provide some evidence that this is some sort of huge epidemic, I would at least believe he hadn’t just had a few of these cases and was shocked to his moral core over them and had start a crusade.

    But even with that aside, this guy is a fool and already has had so much more (mainstream) media time than he should have.

  2. Amanda

    Holy shit, if someone said to me “I can’t remember who I slept with last night” I wouldn’t be breaking out my Donald Sutherland “Sluuuuuuuuuts!” picture, I’d be asking “Holy crap, are you ok? Maybe we should test whether you were drugged.”

    Hey dick head doctor, these women are coming to you for medical care, not bullshit shaming.