Earth to John Ansell: rape analogy edition

A lot of things get compared, usually by privileged dudebros, to rape.  Usually something which completely isn’t rape but at least has an element of violence and degradation to it … like getting your ass handed to you in Halo.

And that’s a bit fucking offensive.

But you know what’s even worse?

When a white, rich, influential dudebro decides to apply it to a mild, nay labelled-as-a-complete-sell-out, party-dividing coalition agreement in which a rich white man’s party gets to keep shitting on Maori while the Maori Party get some nice ministerial positions and also a flag on the Harbour Bridge.

Yes, being a tad facetious there.  But even the repeal of the Foreshore and Seabed Bill, which, oh look, not resulting in Pakeha being taken to the beaches and shot at dawn, in return for National being able to give tax cuts to the very-rich, raise GST, cut funding to early childhood education and refuge services, divert money for Pasifika development to its mates, make Gerry Brownlee a fully-operational battle station … no, John Ansell.  Not actually anything at all like “opening the door and saying come rape us.”


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  1. verbscape

    You’ll notice that the rest of his comment was that if National *did* say “come rape us” the reasonable thing to do would be to, indeed, ‘rape’ them.

    Remind me never to be alone in a room with John Ansell.