Another dinosaur bites the dust

Alasdair Thompson has been sacked by the EMA (oh look, apparently we aren’t a country swimming in red tape where it’s impossible to get rid of obviously incompetent employees*).  Line of the day has to go to The End Is Naenae for this take on the predictable Stuff comments:

Weep, munters: you have lost your king.

And props to Air New Zealand for withdrawing their membership of the EMA over it (at a conveniently-placed our-membership-was-up-anyway time).

But the battle ain’t over, kiddies.  Let’s remember our PM has “no data” on the pay gap (=so it doesn’t exist) and Karl du Fresne is still getting paid to fill the DomPost’s pages with shite (HINT, KARL:  maybe the fact that women’s careers are interrupted by parenthood much more than men’s has something to do with sexism!  THE MORE YOU KNOW.)


*Hat tip to Idiot/Savant.


  1. Cameron Campbell

    It’s odd, because economists have done a bunch of studies that remove maternity leave from the equation by looking at years of experience rather than years of work or unbroken years at work. The gap still exists even when you control for this. How is it that I know this and these government policy fellas don’t?

    Also, given the state of mat leave here in NZ, and given that the average NZ family is what, 2 kids?, I find it really amazing that these people contend that the gap has to do with less than a year off work after having two kids.

  2. Hugh

    Ugh. I’m sorry but I hate the phrase “munter”. It has its roots in a white-Rhodesian term of abuse for people of colour.

    • QoT

      I was unaware of that origin, Hugh – could you recommend any background reading on that? Google fails me and keeps insisting I mean “munster”.

        • Dan

          Not trying to say the word isn’t problematic, but it might be that New Zealand gets the same sounding word from another language? According to the websites I looked up, it comes from old German and means to ascend or to be merry/cheerful? Maybe the word just sounds the same as the insult. Or maybe not, but just throwing that into the mix anyway.

  3. Hugh

    Beat me to it, thanks Deep
    [QoT: Hugh, given Deep has provided the same email as you and has an identical IP, and you replied to their comment before it was approved, I’m hoping they’re your partner or flatmate and not a sockpuppet.]

    • Hugh

      Actually a friend that was visiting me. She’s gone home now. Sorry, should have cleared that up in advance. Although I have to say, there’s a lot we disagree on, so if she were my sockpuppet, I’d seem pretty confused!