Check their assumptions: equal pay edition

This might come as a shock, people, but I do actually believe the EMA and Alasdair “monthly sick problems” Thompson when they say things like,

We totally agree with equal pay for equal work

They probably do.  They are probably sincere in this belief.

The bit they’re not mentioning is the bit most bigoted asswipes leave unspoken,

we just also believe women are generally incapable of being equally productive, or doing equal work, to men.

And that’s the fucking problem right there.

(To the EMA’s credit, they go a lot further in their press release today, making it explicit gender shouldn’t play a role in pay and that gender has no role in productivity differences.  Anyone who doesn’t lay those things out plainly and simply?  Probable case of sexist dinosaur.)

Handy Alasdair Thompson roundup, for all your monthly sick problem needs: