I read so you don’t have to: SlutWalk comments on Stuff

Deborah has an article in the DomPost about SlutWalk.

But what is wrong with enjoying sex, and sexuality, and with seeking out opportunities to have sex? A man who enjoys sex and signals his interest in having sex is called a stud. He’s a player, but she’s a tramp. He’s a Don Juan, but she’s a loose woman. It’s an old double standard, and it’s time we got rid of it. Women shouldn’t be shamed for enjoying sex and sexuality. Like “stud”, the word “slut” should be said with pride.

As Julie commented at The Hand Mirror,


Which are words well deserving of their capitals.  But if you want the edited highlights, I have invoked the protection of a few beers and thus present the following Wisdom from Stuff Commenters, or, How I Learnt to Stop Worrying And Love Reactionary Douchebaggery Which Makes No Sense.

To wit:

[trigger warnings in place for rape apologism and mansplaining]

  • women are billboards, and “if you put a billboard up you expect folk to look at it” (and we all know men are genetically hardwired to rape billboards)
  • it’s not going to achieve anything and you should do real work against rape, you know, not something so meaningless as loudly and publicly declaring en masse that victim blaming is wrong
  • women encourage rape by posting sexy pictures on their Facebook and friending their cousins
  • by writing about SlutWalk and her own relationship, Deborah is actually just saying “haha, sucks to be you, rape victims” [no, seriously, that’s their argument]
  • awesome new euphemism for sex work: “the unwanted profession”
  • if we end rape then no man will find us attractive again because we’re trying to stop them “reacting” to us
  • inevitable car theft metaphor
  • inevitable “vagina is like waving around a wallet full of cash” metaphor
  • blaming the victim is wrong but sometimes it’s their fault

Dear readers, truly I have learnt a valuable lesson this day.  Unfortunately I just can’t let my bitchingly awesome signs go to waste so see y’all at SlutWalk Wellington!


  1. LadyNews

    Ugh, I noticed that with the slutwalk issue but also the Alasdair Thompson debacle that people who are defending the sexist and misogynist stance use the phrase “it’s a fact” shamelessly. Women do take time off when they have their periods, it’s a fact. A rapist is more likely to go for a women dressed like a slut than one who isn’t, it’s a fact. THAT WORD DOES NOT MEAN WHAT YOU THINK IT DOES. When it comes to providing actual evidence to back up these “facts”, they’re got nothin’, except “common knowledge” and “it’s obvious” and maybe they have one anecdote to support their point. ARGH. It makes me incredibly angry to hear these fools arguing their horrible little point by saying “it’s a fact”.

    • QoT

      Oh, the poor little men. It must be so terrible for them, for once in their lives, to not have a person accept their condescending bullshit at face value just because of their privilege.

      • Victoria O'Keefe

        Admittedly what Kate Orman said on her blog was that some women use “mansplaning” as a lazy shorthand to disregard or insult men. I just agree with her.

        • QoT

          Well ain’t that swell, Victoria. How’s about you explain how this is relevant to my post – i.e. by showing that I have used the term in such a way – or fuck off and hold a pity-party for men in your own space, k?

  2. Maria Jane Scannell

    “and we all know men are genetically hardwired to rape billboards”

    I’ll admit it – I laughed REALLY FUCKING HARD. (Mostly because it was funny, but also because — holy crap, long day, I think that’s it for the rest of the night for higher brain power)

  3. Good Gravey

    I just can’t say enough how proud I felt at being part of this. MJ – you, PollyAnne, Coley and everyone else involved in bringing this together deserve the highest praise.

    I just felt so privileged to be able to hear the speeches, share the tears, and share the passion for the start of a revolution.

    Really sorry for the bad memory – can’t remember whether it was MJ or Coley who said it (I am pretty sure it was one of you) – but loved the comment about how this is not going to bring about an overnight change. It won’t stop rapists raping. But it is a start. It is the sort of thing where, at some point in the hopefully not-too-distant future, people can look back and remember where they stood when it started.

    In so many issues, the detractors say “yeah but what do you hope to achieve” or “but this won’t really change anything”. The answer: yes it fucking will. It has already. The very fact you are now thinking about it means it has changed something.

    It is kinda the butterfly effect. Your smallest action, your choice of words, your behaviour can set in motion a chain reaction. So you’d better choose wisely. And this – the astoundingly novel idea that those that hurt others are solely to blame and that they are the ones that need to change – is just fucking awesome.

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