Mother of all (Australasia-centric) SlutWalk roundups

Wellington SlutWalk is coming up on 25 June, and I’m going to be there.  But there’s a hell of a lot of different views out there on the SlutWalk phenomenon,and gosh darn it if I don’t think this is a damn good discussion for feminism to be having.

I don’t agree with all the perspectives linked and cannot vouch for the safety or non-triggering-ness of comments on other blogs.  It’s also going to be pretty Southern-Hemisphere-centric!

New posts added at the top:

The stupid, it burns at news with nipples (whom I give major points for persisting with a “I’m not blaming the victim, I’m just saying your short skirt will get you raped” commenter)

An Open Challenge to mainstream media re SlutWalk Sydney at Hoyden About Town

In Defence of SlutWalk at Versatile Identities

SlutWalk: A testimony by a transgendered man

Brief Thoughts at iced-chai

Octavia Spitfire – Walk don’t walk – how we remain BFFs is beyond me for clearly we girlish harpies cannot handle disagreement or divergence from the hivemind.

Kiwiana (one of the Slutwalk Aotearoa organising crew!) on SlutWalk Aotearoa and victim-blaming

News With Nipples on “personal responsibility” and what effect SlutWalk could have

Racialicious – To March or Not To March

Clem Bastow (a Melbourne SlutWalk organiser) in The Age – Hey girls, we’re all sluts now

Karen Pickering, another Melbourne organiser, on Crikey

Another View at The Angry Black Woman (Muslim WOC perspective)

LudditeJourno – However we dress, wherever we go

Crunk Feminist Collective: Slut Walks vs Ho Strolls

A link round-up at Feminist Frequency (critical)

Small round-up at the Institute of Feminist Legal Studies (mixed)

Related but not directly on topic:  Chally asks Are We Really Going To Do This? (see also Part 2)

Post your own links in comments!  I’m sure I’ve forgotten some utter corkers of posts!

Next up on Ideologically Impure:  my own view on the whole damn thing!


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