H/T Octavia:

The Court of Appeal (Chambers, Arnold and Stevens JJ) has allowed the [Abortion Supervisory] Committee’s appeal and dismissed [Right to Life’s] cross-appeal.  The Court unanimously held that the law does not recognise or confer a right to life on the unborn child.  Nor had Miller J erred in finding the Committee had properly discharged its function with respect to counselling services

The decisions of certifying consultants involved medical judgment alone.

… The majority quashed Justice Miller’s findings about the lawfulness of abortions.

Fuck.  Yes.


  1. Craig

    Nah, they were kicked out of SPUC back in 1999 for being extremists (!) I agree with the relief, but wtf can’t abortion be decriminalised altogether as it is in Canada, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

  2. Pascal's bookie

    Good grief.

    Now granted that this guy is clearly running on some some prime grade uncut wingnut marching powder, but really? For reals? They actually made this? A movie about forced pregnancy in which the hero gets all crazy-like-the-freak-from-saw, kidnaps women and makes them carry pregnancies to term against their will?

    Shit ok then. You run with that nutballs.

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