No refuge for some in IDAHO

Octavia Spitfire has been doing the hard yards putting together some facts on the extent to which women’s refuges in NZ “accommodate” trans women.

Yeah, nah, apparently.

I also share Octavia’s squeam about the IDAHO acronym.  A squeam born, I have to admit, largely out of knowing that even a year ago I would’ve totally accepted that sometimes you have to sacrifice accuracy for a nifty acronym.  The alternate meaning I’ve seen used, “yadda yadda Against Hate Of …” just doesn’t ring true to me, because you’re still saying IdaHO and that last syllable very strongly links to HOmophobia and I’m sure that link was one of the reasons the acronym was chosen.

After all, the top link for googling “idaho homophobia” (so as to weed out the poor Idaho tourism sites)?, which redirects to, which has a nice friendly pink banner trumpeting “against homophobia and transphobia” which is grand just as long as you don’t look to the very top of your browser, where the page title misses one of those out.  Guess which.  Its origin story likewise.

That being said, blogging against homophobia and transphobia is a damn good cause and The Hand Mirror has done a roundup of the Kiwi blogosphere’s posts.  And of course it’s a massive reflection of privilege that I get to quibble about acronyms; but it’s an acronym that probably speak predictable volumes to the groups it leaves out.*


*Who likewise I don’t want to presume to speak for as a hetero cis woman.


  1. lilacsigil

    you’re still saying IdaHO and that last syllable very strongly links to HOmophobia

    …I happened to see it in passing and thought it was something to do with the Slut Walks! Oh dear. But yes, that “T” is, as always, an afterthought. IDAHOT would have been a funky slogan, too!

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