Yeah, we totes call it the m-word these days because the feminists have won

The “New Zealand Christian Network” thinks basically everything wrong with our society is down to filthy, filthy solo parents* and not enough respect for marriage.**

Why, when you see that solo parent families are more likely to be below the poverty line, marriage is obviously the answer and lack of respect for marriage obviously the cause.  I mean, lack of childcare options or flexible working hours or even the ability to live well on a single income are just piffling side issues.

Because it’s obvious, my friends.

Marriage is just not respected, and anecdotal evidence shows that some teachers don’t talk about it in sex ed.

And the New Zealand Christian Network thinks teenagers have the right to make informed choices.

After all, if their teachers and the Ministry of Education don’t step in, how will they ever learn that heterosexual Christian weddings exist?


*And I think we all know what gender those parents are generally assumed to be, y/y?

**Love the attempt to pretend that “marriage” has been relegated to the status of a “naughty” word


    • Gravey Dice

      Oh dear – that just put me at risk of wetting myself with laughter. Undoubtedly one of the best films of all time.

      On topic, I wonder if marriage is so important that it means married people never rape, murder, attack…..

      If they gonna make informed choices, I guess we better tell them about staying single, being unmarried partners, single adoption, same sex relationships, trans and inter gender relationships, and everything else to make an informed decision.

      OMG – I agree with them.

      • QoT

        OMG me too! Except one feels sadly certain that they wouldn’t like such a literal interpretation of their rhetoric.

  1. Beck

    So…if children who live in a home with married parents, yet still fall below the poverty line…this would be alright?

    Also, as a high school teacher who teaches sex ed and just generally interacts with teenagers, I can assure people that they have enough presence of mind to know that marriage exists.

  2. Melimalle

    My favourite part was the anecdotal evidence they have. Well I counter that with my own anecdotal evidence (by, you know, me) that marriage isn’t not right for everyone.

    Can someone explain why Scoop is even releasing a press release from the NZ Christian Network for something that isn’t relevant to current events? Is that just something they do?

    • QoT

      Scoop publishes every press release they’re sent. I actually quite like the fact they do because it means a lot of stuff goes up which the mainsuck media will never pick up.

      • Melimalle

        By any organisation? Wow, that’s quite surprising. I’ve obviously been living under a rock for a while.

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