Shut up Phil, you’re not my real dad

H/T No Right Turn, who pretty much sums it up:

It’s Monday, so that means it must be time for the regular weekly failure by Phil Goff. This week’s fuck-up? refusing to work with Hone Harawira’s Mana Party

I flatter myself to have been saying this for two and a half fucking years, though it’s not really flattering to admit one’s been bashing one’s head against a brick wall for that length of time and clearly lacks the readership or influence to have got the message through to anyone, but nevertheless:

Dear Phil (and fellow anti-Mana naysayers),

Not all of us on the left are solely motivated by giving you and your mates a pay increase and a shiny Beehive office.

Many of us probably voted either for the Greens or for parties which clearly had no chance of breaking 5% specifically to get this through to you.

Some of us were probably thinking of voting Mana just to re-iterate that message to you given your clear desire to pretend like 2008 was all a bad dream.

Ever wondered if maybe confirming that you’re a racism-pandering centre-soliciting no-hoper focussed entirely on becoming John Key Mk II might not change our minds on that one?

Ever wondered if maybe we might quite like the idea of a leftist party with a practically-guaranteed electorate seat which you just might have to put your big boy panties on and deal with in 2011?

Given your single-minded focus on being PM, I think we can be pretty sure you’ll swallow that dead rat if you have to.

So how’s about you try getting a vision, being an opposition, running a campaign based on actual values and clear, focused key messages which are more than “we’re John Key lite” or “we’re populist and shallow too”, and stop treating the left voters who either switched teams or didn’t even bother turning out last election day like we’re silly little children who don’t understand how you’re just entitled to our votes.


  1. reader

    I’m furious at Goff, despise him. But obviously I don’t have anywhere near as much contempt in me, as Goff has for the poor and disadvantaged.

    He couldn’t do more harm to the left if he was actually working for NACT. Certainly his beliefs are far closer to theirs than to traditional (pre-rogernomics) Labour values. Maybe he finds it amusing to advance the interests of the rich and powerful and grind the disadvantaged further into the dirt as the Labour leader. But I suspect the word ‘Labour’ has simply become as meaningless to him as the *little people* obviously are, now he imagines he’s become one of the big-shots*.

    Because of Goff and his right-wing cronies we’re utterly fucked and I’ll never forgive them.

    I’m currently reading ‘The Hollow Men’. Who would have guessed that with a few minor adjustments, Labour would adopt the book as their campaign training manual?
    No prizes for guessing they’d make a hash of it though.

    *Being used by the big boys doesn’t actually make Goff a big-shot. Just a big, guillable, fucking dick-head.

  2. Melimalle

    Boganette has hit the nail on the head. Phil Goff’s ENTIRE campaign is basically “We won’t do whatever John Key just did”. I would have considered voting for Labour in the past. I’d rather vote National now. (Don’t worry, I won’t. Greens for me thanks!)

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