Recommended reading: business bullshit

Danyl fucking nails it on one of my biggest non-feminism-related political bugbears: the constant whinging from the Right that business is just so haaaaaaaaaaard done by in NZ and there’s tooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuch red tape.

So according to the World Bank we are the third best country in the entire world in terms of ease of doing business which measures qualities like bureaucratic compliance. Comparative international studies also, always show that New Zealand businesses are very poorly managed, and I can’t help wonder if there’s a connection between that and the fact that all our top company directors are completely overwhelmed with the intricacies and red-tape of doing business in one of the most business friendly nations on the entire planet.

If you can’t run a business in New Zealand, please.  Please carry out your threats to throw your toys across the Tasman.  We promise not to look too smug when you come crying back.

But you won’t, if recent history is any guide.