Well maybe God should pay child support

Well this nearly made me throw the computer out the window.  Couldn’t quite figure out why at first.  Was it the incredibly fake “appreciation” expressed toward kickass activist veteran Dr Dame Margaret Sparrow?*  Was it the gobsmacking pretence that antichoicers and prochoicers just disagree in principle?**

Nah, it was almost certainly this sentence:

The commitment of this Society is founded on a deep respect for the inherent dignity of women who are invited by our Creator to share with him in bringing new life into the world.




But also, grazie, for really just illustrating how little you fucking care for women.  They’re not mistresses of their own destiny, even when they plan and initiate and undergo pregnancy, they’re just helping God out with his greater plan for the species.

The rest is the usual utter pack of fucking lies.  Women never really want to terminate pregnancies!  (Oops.)  Implication that prochoicers don’t care about coerced abortion!  (Oops.)  Baldfaced twisting of Dr Sparrow’s words to pretend that even the standing-down President of ALRANZ secretly agrees with them!  Our laws were totally passed by people who cared about women and weren’t just throwing them a heavily-qualified bone to shut the bitches up!***

All definite signs of a movement driven by sincere ethical concerns, wouldn’t you agree?


*And how much do you reckon it pisses the antichoicers off that we’ve got a freaking Dame onside?

**Hint: one side is known for hacking websites, calling the other murderers, and killing their opponents.  Probably not just an objective difference of opinion going on.

***Which is of course why our current fairly-accessible system is only working because of doctors willing to bend the letter of the law, of course.  Which Right to Foetus Life want to stop.



  1. Gravey Dice

    Inherent fucking dignity?? Yeah – we will honour you with dignity just as long as you do what we fucking say!

    I know it has been often said (lately often by me) but if men like Ken Orr are so fond of pregnancy, they can try it themselves.

    That comment just makes it so clear. None of this is about women, or even about children. It is all about your religious beliefs.

    Ken – what you really respect is an incubator. A thing, a piece of equipment. You don’t give a flying fuck …. oh golly gosh where are my manners … you do not care a jot for women.

    What QoT says – go fuck yourselves. With a little luck you’ll get yourselves pregnant. Oh … why did I get that image in my head?

    • QoT

      Why do I get the feeling folks like Ken Orr use phrases like “I put women on a pedestal” and really just don’t get it when people don’t buy the bullshit line that it’s because women are speeeeeeeeecial and need to be proteeeeeected because they’re just so awesome?

      • Gravey Dice

        One thing I do struggle with at times is that, when I examine my attitude and thoughts (which is pretty much constantly – little wonder I never get anything done) I find myself “putting women on a pedestal” as well. And I am always wary of my reasons for doing so.

        But I think, in my heart of hearts, I do so because women are just so fucking amazing.

        For starters, like all marginalised groups, having to put up with all of the shit we privileged folk throw their way before they even get to deal with the real day-to-day issues everyone faces takes real strength.

        The idea of (potential) motherhood – albeit one that is socially ingrained – speaks of the nobility of putting others first.

        I know this buys into the whole dichotomy of gender thing, and it isn’t any discredit to any other gender, and I do apologise for that, but women really are just so fucking amazing.

        I think perhaps the difference in thinking can be demonstrated in a conversation I had with a prat on the issue of Child Support. I talked about how much I loved my wife. He commented that I should be spending every second of my day with her in that case. I said “No – just the opposite. I love her so much that I want her to be happy, whether that includes me or not. I make sure she knows that whenever she wants or needs me, I am there.”

        My point with this is that it can be fairly easy to distinguish between the two attitudes. Ken’s is “I love you so long as you remember your place”.

        • QoT

          I also think there’s a key difference between respecting individual women (and not always women) who choose to be mothers etc and shoehorning all women into a Magical Bearer Of Offspring category.