Unsurprising things

An organisation lead by a hetero white conservative man obsessed with authoritarian exercise of violence against children agrees with another organisation lead by a hetero white conservative man obsessed with authoritarian exercise of violence against children.*

Best quotes:

Parents have a tough enough time bringing up their families in the present economic climate without having these pressures put on them

… to not be violent towards their children.  And:

Teachers are currently concerned about the level of bullying in their schools and are reporting a significant rise in the number of disruptive pupils in their classes. It is not hard to find a correlation between children who resist classroom and school norms of behaviour and the loss of confidence in parents in their child rearing abilities brought about by this law.

So … bullying is on the rise and that’s why parents don’t feel confident?  See, I would have assumed the Kiwi[s] [Who Are The Right Kind of White People] Party might’ve made a point about “disruptive kids = need “discipline” / show lack of “discipline”” but this is their own damn press release and that’s apparently not the argument they’re making.  I have great hopes for their electoral lack of chances.

And I’m sure no one could have predicted that Stuff would debut an “agony column” playing on the wonderfully original tropes of She Has A Heart Of Gold And Believes In The Power Of Love But He Is Blunt And Un-PC And Together They Fight Crime.

That first letter sounds entirely genuine, too.


*Only the right children, though.  The ones that deserve it for talking smack to their Noble White Hardworking Parents From Good Neighbourhoods.


  1. Gravey Dice

    I just get so pissed off at the utter lack of understanding around the issue. I mean, so few people seem to understand that striking a child **is** assault. It is breaking the law. It just so happens that there are a number of defences against it.

    The defences that continue to be in force are more than reasonable. If a child is about to do themselves or someone else harm, or if they are about to engage in criminal activity, then some degree of force is required.

    I notice that Dinosaur George (http://tinyurl.com/45vr4ab) is now advocating that, when bullied, you punch people in the face because that will solve all your problems.

  2. toad

    Ah, a new tactic! Getting a chick to front the Kiwi Party’s authoritarian and misogynist agenda for violence against children.

    Larry Ballcdock must be miffed that he doesn’t get to front this shit anymore. Suppose anything is worth a try.

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