“No, dear, I’m just squicked by using lube for massage oil”

… uttered by moi this evening at the supermarket.  It might have been just another “QoT is vocally inappropriate while shopping” incident if my partner and I hadn’t apparently inspired two other couples to actually stand in front of the shelves containing lube and other Naughty Things as though there was nothing wrong with discussing basic sex-life considerations in public.

Because there isn’t.

But don’t let our momentary paradigm-challenging unashamed display of maturity fool you, for in the same aisle Partner then found a men’s deodorant fragrance called “Dry Impact” and couldn’t steer the trolley for giggling.


  1. Melimalle

    I love this. It never fails to surprise me how many people are still too embarrassed to talk about sex and related topics, for fear that someone might overhear.

  2. ludditejourno

    Yeah baby, bringing sexy back by actually talking about it – is there anything sexier?


  3. toad

    I recall at age 15 going into a pharmacy (there wasn’t a supermarket, and in any case condoms weren’t sold in supermarkets then) in the small town I grew up in and stammering “can i have a pack of cccondoms, ppplease?”

    Just so fucking embarrassed for admitting to anyone that I liked sex. Like we had all been taught in the ’70s as kids that it was bad to like sex.

    Still have a problem with the supermarket though – my partner and I get to the toilet roll section and she asks loudly “How many shits are you planning to have this week?”

    I’m now relaxed with talking about sex in public, but that one’s too much information for the punters in the aisle imo!

  4. Gravey Dice

    I guess I was fortunate. I was a late addition to the world of sex. Wifey and I were each others’ firsts – I think I was 31.

    So by that time, asking for condoms was not a big deal.

    toad – wifey makes a similar comment when I buy the 18-pack of toilet paper. Makes a similar comment when I buy the 24-pack of condoms. I would say that I am a tight-arse, but that would just sound wrong.

    • Boganette

      The first time I had sex I bought a 24 pack of condoms because I thought you used heaps of condoms – like, you had to change them through-out as you were ‘doing it’. I didn’t realise you only used one. I laid them all out in a little line on my bedside table haha. Jeez.