When he said “young and confident” he meant “appropriately appreciative of my moustache”

In the Gateaux has a great post up on Chris Trotter’s 2008 piece on the antichoice forces behind the political right in NZ.

Thanks Chris. As a member of your so called group of young, confident women I really enjoy you speaking on my behalf. I like how you assume how we might view the past struggles of women in the pro-choice movement. I also appreciate your advice on the need to reflect. Because, as a young confident woman, I haven’t thought about the issue at all!

Of course you hadn’t, Sophia.  We silly wee things may be young and confident, but obviously we can’t get anywhere without a strong, sensible mansplainer leading us.

Go read the rest!

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  1. Sophia

    Thanks Qot! I remember reading that Onion article. I used to use it at conferences when I tried to explain how men can be involved in the feminist movement.