I’d thank the Academy except they are overly politicised and keep giving awards to boring films

I may be a bit of a monster truck, and I may be a shrieking harpy, and I may be an utter, utter bitch.  But I have some fucking wonderful folk in my bloglife and I’d like to just give them a shout-out or two.

Thank you to Octavia and Megan and Boganette and Steph and Robot Pie and – whoever obvious I probably missed out – for being a rocking coven of feministy awesomeness and the best drinking buddies a TOFO dress can buy.

Thank you to Lew, for occasionally doing this brilliant thing where he leverages being a Serious Man Blogger into an Anti-Tone-Argument Shield* in my defence.

Thank you to McFlock, whom I don’t know from a bar of soap but would happily buy a DB, or a real drink if that’s what floated McFlock’s boat.  (Aaaand now I have “how many boats could a McFlock float if a McFlock could float boats” stuck in my head.  Hopefully y’all do, too.)

A late 8am contender:  thank you, thank you, thank you to Idiot/Savant, for having a memory like a steel trap and like Lew using his Serious Male Voice to support the cause.

Thank you all, peeps.  From the bottom of my loud ranty fuck-saying heart.


+4 AC bonus, -10 comment check penalty, 50% chance of misogynist derail failure


  1. Octavia

    ❤ Your loud rude totes inappropriate mouth is family, lady. I'm here if you need me.

    I love the comments from (actual) men allies, love them. But I hate they automatically get listened to more than us and read differently on the same topics 😦
    Also you are a giant nerd. ROLL FOR EVERYTHING.

    Boganette's and Lew's comments were shutting it down on the bowalleyroad post! *high five*

    "way of the moustache" and
    "unless you're prepared to advance a cogent argument in support of a collective societal property right to women's vaginas, you should probably just get out of the way." WIN.

    • QoT


      • Octavia

        I’ve been employing steady deep breathing on those. It’s a magical ableism machine! Push a button and you’ll get a different variation on an ableist theme each time! Not that much different mind you.

  2. meganwegan

    I am so happy to be a part of the feministy coven.

    Who votes we invite either CT (I wonder if his middle names are Ulric Nigel?) or the standard boys along to the next Feminazi drinks?

    Just to see if they can still call us ignorant bigoted harpies when confronted with, to quote someone at the last one “all the cleavage”.

  3. Boganette

    You’d don’t need to thank me. You’re like my patronus. I just want to thank you every day for being so awesome like, every day.

    *sincere circle jerk*

    We need to get the coven together again. Soon. There is so much to be shrill about right now. Just follow the sound of screeching harpies and there we will be.