Shrieking harpies to abort Labour’s election chances

[This post was originally prepared for The Standard, where it was given a very interesting thumbnail image and a fascinating intro paragraph, and promptly attacked by writers of that site for being anti-male and anti-Labour and why didn’t I just be nice to them since they were so kind to set me up as trollbait for pageviews.]

Chris Trotter’s worst nightmare came true on the weekend of 12-13 March, as 70-odd bloody liberal lefties* came together (phwoar) to figure out how we were going to just ruin Labour’s chances of winning the 2011 election.

In short, they vowed to (whisper it) talk about abortion. Loudly. Publicly. This year.

Believe it or not, audience-made-up-of-a-shitload-of-privileged-dudes, New Zealand’s abortion laws are shite, they are outdated, they do fuck up women’s lives, and it is time for a fucking change.

Put this one on for size: you want to buy a car, so naturally you go to a car dealership. But sorry, says the car dealer, the law says first of all you need to go see this auto mechanic so he can sign off your car ownership.

And once you’ve got your appointment the auto dealer looks at you and says well, technically the law says you aren’t really allowed a car. Nope, not even if your last one got stolen and driven off a cliff. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll just put on the form that you’ll go crazy without a car.

Fine, whatever, you say. Being labelled crazy is worth it to get that car. … You can get a car now, right?

Nope. You’ve got to see another auto mechanic. And maybe they’re actually an hour’s drive away and only take appointments on every second Wednesday, but you need a fucking car, so you do what it takes, you lie to your boss, you put the goldfish in cryofreeze, you get to that appointment. And another auto mechanic says no, sorry, you don’t actually qualify for a car, even though you live in an area with no public transport and are employed as a courier. But hey, they’re charitable, they see a lot of people who really, really need cars, so they’ll just tick the “crazy” box again.

[If you’re lucky. You might not be, and then there’s a fun process of shopping around different auto mechanics hoping one will tell you you’re crazy. Only in months containing a J during full moon, though.]

Finally, you can get your car! Except that you have to wait for an appointment at the car dealer. And they’re not even in your town and while they could theoretically give you a nice, efficient car they actually only stock the ones with shitty suspension and brakes that bruise your tailbone and give you constant whiplash.

And it seems so fucking stupid, because you’re a driver, you can choose to buy a car if you need one, often you can’t actually live without one or your job and finances and emotional and physical health require one, and yet the law makes you jump through hoops to get one – and labels you as infantile and crazy into the bargain.

But quit yer bitching, lads. I mean, you can still get a car, even if sometimes you have to fly to Australia for one, so let’s not ruffle any feathers trying to change the law and get you treated like people deserving of dignity.


You wouldn’t fucking put up with it. We are not fucking putting up with it. We deserve better and we expect more. And when Labour refuses to take a public stand on this and continue to waffle and the feminists their allies don’t just tick their ballots like drones, Chris Trotter, who I feel almost certain has never had to worry about being pregnant, can just go cry into his fucking moustache about it.

The NZ prochoice movement, gents. Come onboard – because whether you do or not, we mean business.


*Left-ness largely assumed but put it this way, no one objected when the conversation veered off into government obligations to put extra funding into healthcare.

QoT can, as always, be found at, ruminating on state-smashing and why she doesn’t get paid the big bucks to talk crap the way Garth George does.


  1. Octavia

    Oh good, I’m not wading back into that shit storm. Sorry sorry, trolling back into that shit storm. Hem hem.

    I think it can be difficult for some of us very urban Aucklanders to realise just how much more difficult access is in other parts of the country. Was having a conversation about this at lunchtime today, related to gender transitioning in NZ. It’s also so much more difficult access-wise when people are outside the biggest cities (i.e. only Auckland and Wellington, basically. All kinds of suck).

    I’m looking forward to the Auckland abortionfest tomorrow. Fun, games, evil feminist babykilling bitches.

    • Gravey Dice

      The only thing that comes to mind when reading this is an Ahhhhh of relief. Far out it just feel so much nicer reading here.

      Octavia – I can picture the posters now. Fanged evil bitches tossing babies to the dogs, records being played backwards, horned beasts (shit nearly mis-typed).

      • Octavia

        What you mean feminists don’t like getting dogpiled with offensive shit? I totes thought we all lived for finding things to get offended about! EVERYTHING I KNOW IS WRONG!

        Rains of menstrual blood, the four babykilling horsewomen of the apocalypse riding through the burning sky. That sort of thing.

  2. marty mars

    Kia ora QoT,

    I posted this as a comment on the standard but it’ll probably get lost in the noise. I wanted to say to you,

    “Thank you for raising this issue. I have learned a lot from this thread and I don’t think you have been a ‘bitch’ or ‘damaged your cause’ at all. This thread has seen some classic cases of men wanting to tell women what they think – a need to express their views about this issue, like they do for all issues – it is fucked up and it shows the insidious depth of the patriarchy oppression. I can’t really believe some of the bullshit derailing I’ve read. But that is the battle we are all fighting – kia kaha.”

    I spent a lot of time on ‘What white people think’ blog (now not going) and it really taught me the value of shutting up and listening – I wish more men would do that.

    Kia kaha koutou.

    • Gravey Dice

      In some ways, Marty, we men need to speak out more. Shut up and listen first, then speak up.

      There seem to be precious few of us who are aware of the issues facing women (and other marginalised groups in society) and have the capacity and courage to speak up about it.

      And it is the wonderful effect of people like QoT that have spurred me on to creating my own blog where I hope to use my voice to speak out in support of feminism from a male perspective. Still got a hell of a long way to go, but I realised that I cannot, in good conscience, sit back any more.

      Through our words, our actions, and our support of these good fights, maybe we can help change the world.

      You have my great respect, my friend.

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  4. just saying

    I was censored on Bowalley Road. And I was polite. Were you? (censored I mean)
    It seems only male comments have made it thouugh.

    • QoT

      I had not been aware of that interesting post. More in-depth comment coming right up. 😛

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