Head on car crash

In her inimitable style, The Queen of Thorns has a go at Chris Trotter, Labour, readers of this site, and even poor old Garth George explaining why New Zealand’s abortion laws are shite. As usual she makes her point in a style that resembles a head on car crash and usually excites considerable comment.

Shorter lprent:  fuck this QoT is a manhating bitch but she does bump our pageviews.

Someone remind me how I was totally wrong about the Left once again fucking themselves over by treating women like shit?

Full text of original post to be reproduced here tomorrow for those who, I think we can all agree entirely understandably, don’t want to get dogpiled by the insecurely yapping chihuahuas at The Standard.

And just a short coda on the entire point:  abortion rights is going to be a fucking issue this election.  People are going to learn how fucked up our laws are and they are going to be reminded that our major parties’ leadership does not fucking care about forcing women into having babies or fucking over their lives in order to avoid having principles.

I said you could be with us or you could be against us.  Thanks for making your position utterly clear.


  1. Matthew Dentith

    I realise this is entirely tangential to the topic at hand, but it amused me that one of the curators at the Standard said that your banner is geeky SF and he didn’t recognise it, despite being a geek himself. As if any self-respecting geek wouldn’t know a Shadow vessel when they see one.

    • QoT

      Tangential but still a damn good point, Matthew. I mean, “a geek’s Masters degree in obscure sci fi”? It’s not UFO, for fuck’s sake.

      • Matthew Dentith

        I could understand someone with a Masters in Obscure SF not getting a reference to the robot arms from “Lexx” or knowing who played the lead in “Forever Knight,” but, come-on, B5?

        Still, perhaps I’m biased because of the impending PhD…

        • QoT

          Nah. Babylon 5 is freaking core SF as far as I’m concerned, given its obvious influence on more recent shows like BSG and even DS9 – as Rowling established that kids *will* read giant books, so B5 proved that fans *will* stick out with a multi-year worldchanging metaplot.

      • Octavia

        I guess everyone wants to be an expert.
        ^ me tying this supposed King Geekery to ‘Here’s How You Should Fix Your Movement, by A. Man’. Zing!

    • Lynn Prentice

      I knew I’d seen it somewhere. Lexx was late 90’s and I never saw much of it because of the project I was working on at the time precluded much TV time.

      I must dig out a copy.

      But mostly I read science fiction. The house (and the ipad) are overflowing with it. It is only recently I have started to watch it because my partner (who is a film maker) has been getting me to watch TV and movies.

  2. Anonymous

    Unfortunately the poisonous anger and bitterness evident in your writing destroys any chance you have of persuading most of your readers of your point of view. I have no idea if I agree with you or not because I can’t get past your unnecessary vitriol. It’s like a whole lot of shit that readers have to wade through before they can understand the points you are making. Is that really what you want? No one can do anything about your feelings.

    • QoT

      Well I’ve certainly been put in my place. Thank you, Anonymous. Without that enlightening comment I might have gone on in the belief that some people just really, really can’t handle women using naughty words and expressing their opinions in ways traditionally reserved for men.

      Maybe I just shouldn’t be so angry about continuing to face discrimination and oppression in a supposedly “liberal” Western democracy. If I just ask vewwy vewwy nicewy to be tweated wike an adult, will you pwetty pwease stop being a sexist asshat?

      • Octavia

        Yes! Asking nicely! We had never thought of that before and history shows us in past human rights fights, asking nicely works super well. Without such beautiful Anon advice, what would we do?

        • ColeyTangerina

          “No one can do anything about your feelings.”

          I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school… I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy…

    • Trouble

      So how did you get here then, and how did you manage to put up with the terrible terrible vitriol long enough to make that post? And why do you think anyone cares that you don’t understand or like something?

      Or is that satire, it’s hard to tell.

      • QoT

        Now, Trouble. I’m sure Anonymous is just, um, acting in my best interests by telling me to stop being such a bitch. Honestly, Anonymous wants to help us nasty feminists with sage advice about how the big boys will totally get around to our silly little issues as soon as we stop nagging them and using cusswords.

        • vesta44

          No, the big boys will get around to our silly little issues when they decide we don’t need to be kept barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen anymore – which in their eyes is never. So if those big boys can’t handle the heat, maybe they should get the fuck out of our kitchens and stay the fuck out.

  3. Gravey Dice

    Nobody, anonymous? Wow, thanks for speaking for me. Really appreciate being told that I don’t understand something that I really do.

    The problem is that people need to understand the anger and where it comes from.

    As for the language, you know, I have been remarkably refreshed by the freedom expressed in the profanity. If I fucking want to swear, I fucking will do. I couldn’t give a shit if it makes me seem unbecoming.

    Asshat? Now there’s a new term I can use.

    And thank you Matthew – I am shamed. I recognised it as something I ought to recognise, but have only just realised it.

    Abortion had better damned well be a major issue this election – the seemingly growing religious right are keen on making a big deal of it, so let’s bring it on.

    I sure as hell know what side I’m on.

    Oh – and “she usually excites considerable comment”? I thought that was the entire point of public forums. To have reasonable discussion.

    • Octavia

      It’s different if a ~*lady*~ excites considerable comment. Why miss an opportunity to passive-aggressively position this ‘excitement’ as not only out-of-the-ordinary (have we mentioned it’s a lady?), but solely the responsibility of the woman in question due to her status as a known “ranter”? Slide a nice bit of blame-the-woman right on in there.

      *The Side of Meaningful Human Rights fistbumb/secret handshake*

  4. just saying

    I’ve just come from the Standard, and I see you’ve answered the question I left there. Must say I was a bit surprised that you hadn’t overtly commented on being prediscredited in that way, and wondered if I was, you know, pre-premenstral or something 😀

    • QoT

      No worries, js. As I said over there, sure, it’s their playground, so I didn’t want to derail my own post too much into “why fucking ask me here if you’re going to be fucking asshats” territory (though Marty G is doing his best!)

  5. poor_toms_acold

    Did I seriously just read “…poor old Garth George”? That’s it, I’m out.

      • poor_toms_acold

        Seriously, I liked your article and it’s awesome that you’re being signal-boosted on many different sites, but that intro para is entirely composed of condescending, passive-aggressive tone rhetoric. Fuck that noise.

  6. just saying

    Oh, and what’s this about a banner? I’m getting zip since you dropped the ‘chess’ graphic.

    • poor_toms_acold

      Are you a mod on The Standard? I think I read you were, but just want to make sure. If you are then where/how do I complain about the conduct of another mod on the Standard? I commented (in response to a comment of 1prent’s):

      Not everyone who disagrees with her posts is in the position of writing the (dismissive, subjective, condescending) disclaimer at the beginning, though.

      I’ve just received this reply from 1prent:

      That is the point really. I don’t disagree with the subject of her post. I think that the style is valid.

      I wrote an introduction in the exactly same style but with less swearing. If it offends you then I’d say that you are a overly sensitive fool, whose opinion appears to have little value.

      He’s been argumentative and outright offensive all over QoT’s post, and I’d like to take this further. How do I do that?

  7. Armchair Critic

    Oh fuck, what a night. Good post over at TS, QoT, I’ll join the conversation 2mro if it’s not too late. Loved RL’s comment. Don’t stop posting there.

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  9. Boganette

    Sigh, so tired, spent the whole weekend making Eddie and Marty cookies to thank them for letting the angry feminists comment and post on The Standard AKA “the biggest megaphone in the blogosphere”.

    I know my knees are going to be sore from all the…..feet kissing.

  10. Lynn Prentice

    Shorter lprent: fuck this QoT is a manhating bitch but she does bump our pageviews.

    Actually nope. It is more like lprent was in a bit of a hurry because he was processing data all morning. So he didn’t get to check the post properly before having to go out. I screwed up the links and I missed the reference thumbnail image in your e-mail. I’d plugged in the title of the post into google images and that was the first image (from someone illustrating Dante’s inferno).

    I always put an intro paragraph on guest and reprinted posts. The intro paragraph I wrote was my response to your posting style. It was actually a compliment. That you took it the wrong way, and got wound up about it is pretty much an issue you’ll need to look at yourself. I can’t see any particular reason to wander around worrying about other peoples feelings when they write a hard nosed
    post designed to wind up people and then get wound up by by someone describing that way.

    I really couldn’t give a stuff about the page views, comments, and unique visitors in terms of the site. That is always climbing and I’m usually more worried about site usage crowding capacity than I am about traffic.
    What I was more concerned about was that a post about abortion law and the political issues around it got aired as widely as possible.

    As I said in my e-mail to you, the optimal time to do that was on Sunday afternoon. That is when the traffic revives after the weekend drop so you’ll get a good set of comments and page views. It carries over into Monday and other sites are likely to pick up on it being a hot topic when they’re looking for something to write for Monday.

    I usually wouldn’t bother going to all of that effort of increasing my Sunday afternoon load (the weekends are usually my site downtime). But your post was on a topic that needed another airing and I wanted to make that airing as wide as possible.