MeganWegan tagged me, the flirt.

The rules of the game are thus: all ye who are tagged as stylish bloggers have to spill seven interesting beans about yourselves before passing the baton of nomination on to seven others.  The world becomes a marginally happier, more knowledgeable place, blog friendships are developed and sealed and everyone gets a unicorn.  Well not quite, but it’s a bit of fun at least, right?

  1. I have two tailbones!  They didn’t fuse properly when I was a guppy, I mean infant.  The technical term is occult spina bifida.  For reals.
  2. I still dream of being a writer, which is a large part of why I blog.  But I hate that living in a capitalist society means I only put value on my writing if I could get paid for it.
  3. I have never met my biological father, or “sperm donor” as he was always known when I was growing up.  And you know, after a long time and a lot of therapy I think I can safely say I’ve got 99 problems but missing my “real daddy” ain’t one.
  4. I can’t abide people needlessly trying to maintain some kind of “dignity” in relentlessly silly circumstances.  The typical example involves people being all “I don’t want to play, I’ll suck” during a massive drunken RockBand marathon.
  5. I’m an only child.  Some say it shows.
  6. I do not believe there is an upper limit to the number of polka-dot items one can have in one’s wardrobe.
  7. I think I might be an atheist.  I haven’t really given it enough thought to be certain though.

I tag Tangerina, Ally and Octavia!  Not seven, but I’m messing up your memeish paradigm! Hahaha, &c.


  1. reader

    You’re dream has already come true – you are a writer, and a talented one.

    As for the polka dots, wow really left field. Can’t imagine the queen in polka dots. Sorry.

  2. Octavia

    You do wear an *awful* lot of polka dots, it is the truth.

    Also it does show 😛

    I will do this memeish thing and get out of my non-blogging blahs.