Analogy fail: abortion and slavery

I came across this utter fucking gem while googling prochoice images for potential future shit-stirring:

Black text: “EVERYONE who supported slavery was free. EVERYONE who supports abortion was born.  That’s how oppression works.  “They’re not really people” – We’ve heard that before!

And let me tell you, people, I just spent a good five minutes staring at it in wonder.  Like, really?  This is really an analogy we’re going to make?  Ickle babby embwyos are an oppressed class of human being completely and fully analogous to [of course African-American because everyone on the internet is American, you know] slaves?

I mean, I know I just snarked Ken Orr making basically that argument a few days ago, but to have it there in wonderfully stark text bluntly stating that being born is equivalent to supporting slavery in the US … I think it broke something in my brain.

One thing is pretty fucking certain though:  the people who conceived of* and made this image?  Yeah, probably white.**

Me too.  So here’s where I shut up.

Ta-Nehisi Coates:  The Unbearable Whiteness of Pro-Lifers and Pundits and Personhood

scatx:  Equating Slavery and Abortion:  Where are the Women in this Story?


*And were lucky enough to have safe implantation and hassle-free gestation, OH SNAP

**And using the handle “Emissary”, which now means half my brain is occupied fantasizing about locking them in a room with Avery BrooksAnd Michael Dorn.


  1. Octavia

    Women in slavery: don’t exist and IF they did well then they’re really REALLY not people and that’s okay so shut up
    – Anti-choice arseholes.

    Intersection in your terrible offensive hideous analogy? It’s more likely that you think, bigots!

  2. David Grice aka Gravey

    “Santorum said Obama should be anti-choice because he is a black man”

    Funny – I would have thought that any marginalised group would be pro-choice because their very marginalisation takes away their choices.

    Oppression – it occurs when people take away choice from a group of people.

    My “mom” chose life?? What the fuck does that have to do with anything. My dad chose to be an arsehole. Big fucking deal.

    And wow – I feel unclean after looking at the pomegranate apple site. Just ick.

    Like I mentioned on your other post, if you say that abortion is illegal because a foetus (that’s how we spell it in this country)is human, then what does it say about all of the age-restrictions that apply? If the foetus became human at conception, then the first 9 months of its life was spent inside another person. At birth, they are 9 months old.

    Then if they argue that abortion is murder, does that equally mean that a woman who dies in childbirth results in the baby being charged with manslaughter?

    • QoT

      On the Obama thing, there we have the classic “black women have disproportionately high abortion rates ergo black people must want to stop abortion because it’s obviously a eugenic plot by Planned Parenthood” conspiracy theory.

      I’ve never heard any antichoicer give a good answer to the question of dating age.

      • Octavia

        I’m thinking they should really put their money where their mouths are and refuse to celebrate birthdays on the grounds that we should be celebrating conception days. Which as you say logically follows when considering a foetus a person – celebrating the beginning of personhood rather than, by these standards, an arbitrary shift from in-womb to out.

        And then hopefully they’ll be kept occupied putting their heads together trying and failing to work out a method of pin-pointing this as accurately as birth dates.

  3. Tisha

    How about women smarten up and realize that unprotected sex could create a baby. If they don’t want babies, either don’t have sex or USE PROTECTION! We are living in 2012 and women haven’t figured out the cause and effect yet? I’m a woman and I’m ashamed of other women who haven’t put 2 & 2 together. If sex existed only for pleasure, it would not create babies. Get your act together and get smart. There’s such a thing as prevention you know. Deal with the 1+1 before it equals 2, or are we THAT stupid?? Stop shoving babies in the garbage just because of your selfishness. And if having an abortion is so important to you and you consider it an inalienable right, DO IT YOURSELF! Stop putting the responsibility onto the doctors and medical community. If you condone it and think abortion is so wonderful, then stick a wire hanger up there and do it yourself. But no, make the doctors do it. Out of sight, out of mind.

    • QoT

      Tisha, I’d like to thank you. I don’t think I could have made up such a perfect example of how antichoicers hate women, want to control women, and honestly believe women (and other pregnant people, just to blow your mind) deserve to bleed to death because you can’t handle the fact they make choices you don’t like.