Working for Families cuts: and so it begins

Let it stand in history that it was the NACT government who chose to exploit the Canterbury earthquake for political gain.

Gordon Campbell:  On Bill English…

The Standard:  The Shock Doctrine

No Right Turn:  Key commits to WFF cuts.

We.  Are.  So.  Fucked.

[Please note:  your humble author has been pretty fucking harsh on WFF in the past, especially on the basis of its discrimination against beneficiaries.  The idea that children should be left in fucking poverty to “incentivise” their parents to find mythical jobs is one reason your humble author doesn’t party vote Labour.  But as NRT covers, cuts to WFF will screw a lot of people.  Not cool.]


  1. Armchair Critic

    National don’t know what to do.
    Unfortunately they know what they want to do, and they know how to sell it to the voting public.
    Even more unfortunately it will end up fucking a lot of people up* and it won’t work, in the end. And in the middle. It may appear to work at the start.
    *Not me though, I tick all the boxes in their target demographic, except the “not a LWNJ” box. If they do fuck my demographic up I’m on the next plane out.
    On an entirely different topic – QoT, can I use html tags in comments here?

    • QoT

      Tell me about it, AC, I’m a white middle class ablebodied girl in a monogamous het relationship with a household income comfortably in the You Will Get Tax Cuts category.

      HTML tags are fine but sometimes links get autospammed.

      • Armchair Critic

        Still trying to figure out why almost everything National do makes me want to grab them by the shoulders, shake them and yell “what were you thinking?”

        • QoT

          My personal theory is I have too much optimism (I KNOW, right?). Like I can’t keep up the bleak realism of knowing that they’re entirely motivated by power and making their mates richer, and so I keep falling into the trap of thinking “maybe they’ve just got different takes on these issues!” But they always prove me wrong.

        • Armchair Critic

          Well unless you are actually there and get all the details of what goes on (and how revolting could that be – Richard Worth, anyone??) then it’s all speculation.
          Based on Occam’s Razor I’ve concluded that National are only in it for the money.
          Therefore we are fucked.

  2. Amanda

    Ya know, I could put my tinfoil hat on and say it looks like National are doing everything to beat the recession by giving all the jobs back to men. I mean, ECE cuts, WFF cuts, Social Welfare cuts, ACE cuts, 90 day trials, miserable minimum wage – all things that will majorly affect working mothers.

    Oh I’m sure it’s just a perfect storm of things coming together, but you can’t help but think there’s someone sitting in parliament, rubbing their hands with glee saying “how do we put the women’s movement back 30 years? I know, make it harder for them to work AND raise children, so make them choose between the two!”

    • QoT

      Yeeeeah. It’s not really a cheering thought to consider that they probably aren’t … but only because they just never think about women or the impacts of their policies on women, as compared to real [richwhitemale] human beings.