Quickhit: looks like eugenics to me

Idiot/Savant puts it perfectly.

Instead of individuals controlling their own fertility, this is an attempt to impose state control, on the basis of socioeconomic status

And that’s why the Welfare Wrecking Group’s recommendations are fucking wrong.  When someone advocates a theoretically-good policy but only for a select demographic?  It’s not the same good policy any more, it’s fucking suspicious.


  1. Octavia Spitifire

    Urgh, yeah I read the NRT post and went O_o

    At the time of reading the report I had that vague ‘wtf’ feeling over that part, and I/S perfectly sums up why.
    Free contraception for all? Hooray! Fantastic idea. Idea that promotes agency!
    For some, depending on socioeconomic status? Uh… Idea wanting to take away agency.
    Of course many will like us to believe that such recommendations can exist in a vacuum separate to beneficiary bigotry and dehumanising narratives of ‘breeding like rabbits’, being ‘stupid’, etc. But then quite a few people believe in Santa too.

    • QoT

      And as several people pointed out at The Standard, it’s not actually a pure socioeconomic status issue, because it’s *only* beneficiaries, not the poor per se. Now if we were talking increased or extended contraception subsidies for all young/low-income women I’d probably have a lot less of a problem with it.

      • Octavia Spitifire

        “not the poor per se”

        Only because he’d worry about that being seen as too extreme, probably. Sob.

        Well yeah. Let’s make it easier for you to afford necessities = hooray! But that would be too much like actually giving a shit. ARGH he makes me so damn angry.

  2. Armchair Critic

    Nah, it does a bit more than look like eugenics.
    Free contraception, yah. An official report recommending free contraception for people it vilifies, nah, that’s bullshit. Hang your heads in shame, WWG.
    And there is plenty of other disgusting stuff in the WWG’s recommendations.
    Once we can remove our collective attention from Christchurch it will be time to start having a go about the waste of space that this report is.