On a more chipper note, I must highly commend a most excellent addition to the Kiwifemiblogosphere, my good meatspace friend Octavia, whose delightful missives may be acquired for a modest sum of time and bandwidth at Octavia’s Spitfire Emporium.

This charming blog makes an elegant addition to any boudoir blogroll, especially those sadly lacking in items sporting a fine “John Key is an arsehole” tag.

In honour of this most momentous event I present a brief glimpse through the veils of time into the far future, when the pair of us have become fucking amazing old biddies.


  1. Octavia

    He really is. It seemed timely.

    Thank you kindly. Now there will be cake with the promised gin. And people say bribery doesn’t pay.

    • Octavia Spitifire

      Hooray! I am stoked that you’re stoked. It is in fact a feminist circle-jerk of stoke.

      @QoT: Dear Maud, I finally have got this whole linking-to-other things stuff sorted. Well Mr Spitfire did. as I’m sure you already assumed. What is this I’m not good with computer. Anyway, this is my WordPress handle from now on.

  2. just saying

    Didn’t know where else to put this. Sorry to threadjack, but have you caught up with this?


    • QoT

      No worries JS. IrishBill put me onto it earlier today – I love that I rate a personal mention. Left a comment but it hasn’t been approved yet.