Read these people instead while I get over the week

A few posts are percolating in the back of my brain, but in the meantime:

Two nice analogies for the privatisation issue, from Keith:

Yes, you can sell your house to pay off the mortgage, then you’ll be mortgage-free. But you’ll also be minus a house.

And Danyl:

Near’s I can tell the pro asset sales argument goes like this:

All our private companies are rubbish, so investors should be able to own equity in profitable, well-run government companies, which will improve their performance because the government is rubbish and private businesses are profitable and well run.

stargazer with some additional points on the Amy Chua/Tiger Mother issue:

however, there are downsides to the approach of “you will succeed, no matter what it takes”, some of which i wrote about at kate’s blog so won’t repeat here. but there’s another one i didn’t mention, which is that this type of approach strongly discourages risk-taking. i’ve seen it with children who are programmed for success: they will simply not take on activities where there is a strong risk of failure.

Finally, I am so squee’d about the upcoming 2011 pro-choice gathering (which totally needs a cool name, I’m thinking either Abortion Party 2011 or Curette This!):

This gathering is for those who want to take part in planning and organising a campaign to make abortion legal, safe and accessible. We also welcome pro-choice discussion and planning around broader reproductive and sexual health needs.