Irony: MRA edition

There is something beautiful (while also something a little frightening) about the wonderful Boganette receiving a tweet which says:

I believe in educating dumb girls like you in the fine art of get back in the kitchen you mindless cunt

From someone who links to a site with an intro paragraph stating:

Manhood Academy is the first worldwide male educational center specifically designed to train men in social competence.

I’m going to try to just chuckle about that instead of reflecting too deeply on the serious attempt at intimidation levelled against a fellow badass feminist and the frankly threatening worldview of men who honestly think that part of being “socially competent” is to treat over half the population as ambulatory fellatio-providing incubators.


  1. Boganette

    I did like that the same troll has another Twitter account called “Principles101”. Hahaha!

    You should really check it out:!/principles101

    “u could only be a man-hating cunt online. IRL a guy would backhand u for talking this much trash”

    When I Re-Tweeted he deleted his tweets to me. It’s odd as well that these tweets have come out of nowhere. This guy spends all day trolling anyone who talks about feminism. What a boring existence. He totally backed off when I challenged him to an IRL fight. What a wimp!

  2. Armchair Critic

    Read this guy’s posts, tweets etc. until it became unbearable (and that was a good ten minutes).
    Conclusion is he’s not amusing, beautiful, or chuckle-worthy in the least.