Psychic online psychiatry drinking game time

A challenge, dear readers (which you probably shouldn’t take up if you are in any way low on spoons or wanted a restful Sunday evening):  read any post on the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and take one (1) drink for every comment which states the shooter “must be nuts” or “is clearly insane” (double shots for wonderfully specific diagnoses like “evident paranoid schizophrenia”!).

If by the end of the comments section you are not hospitalised, please send me the link as I could do with a break from explaining why this is fucking offensive to people who should know better.

Then, I only have myself to blame, looking back at the previous form of some.


      • Armchair Critic

        A tart – now there’s a good idea.
        On a serious note, I saw what you were up to at The Standard (yay for you) last night and concluded that no one is coming through this one with anything good. Which makes it all bad, I suppose. It’s almost as if the dead and wounded are a side show and the main action is politicking.
        I had to go back to the post about Mr Slater’s mental state that you linked to, to make sure I’d not said anything silly. Turns out I’d avoided the post entirely. *Sigh of relief* Reading blogs certainly broadens the horizons.

        • QoT

          Thanks! I have this horrible tendency to not back down from pointless internet arguments, especially when so-called “progressives” start throwing down implications about my mental health. New post on THAT grab-bag of wank coming shortly!