Unnamed teacher’s “reflective statement” leaked to II

The “reflective statement” required of an unnamed male teacher who was lightly slapped on the wrist with a wet bus ticket for saying things to Year 11 students such as “Bend over and I’ll take a photo of your tits” has been acquired by Ideologically Impure staff.  We reproduce it in full here.

Reflective Statement of A Fucking Tool

Over the past few weeks I have learnt many things in a mandated behaviour management course.

I have learnt that just like my former students I too can pass a course by showing minimal interest in its contents, not visibly falling asleep or texting my mates, and memorising the model answers from last year’s class.

I realise I have made many mistakes.  The comments I made to students were inappropriate and in any just society would have seen me cast out from the teaching profession because I am clearly a lecherous fucking douchebag.

However, I have been given a second chance and I am grateful for that.

In future, I will change my ways.  I will only sexually harass students who are really vulnerable, or whose word and dignity will be completely discounted because they’re ratbags.  I will be more menacing in my approach and ensure my victims are too scared of the consequences to rat me out.

My blunt approach, in asking a student if she was a virgin, was absolutely wrong.  From this day hence my come-ons and harassment will be more subtle, quieter, vaguer, relying on societal indoctrination to make my victims question if I actually said what they thought I said, or believe that it must be a misunderstanding and they’ll just get into trouble if they make a fuss.

I believe I have changed.  I am no longer a man who will be caught sexually harassing fifteen-year-old girls over whom I have authority.  I promise to make amends to the teaching profession by encouraging an atmosphere of silence and intimidation amongst all pupils in my care.  To the other teachers at my unnamed school, I can only vow that they will never have to face a pupil telling them about my actions, because none of those bitches will talk if they know what’s good for them.

Finally, I want to thank the Teachers’ Council for unleashing me upon the teenaged girls of New Zealand once more.


  1. LadyNews

    Thank you so much for writing about this! My head almost exploded when I read about it on Stuff. As you say, in any just society this guy would not be allowed to teach again, because clearly he has no idea of what is appropriate, doesn’t care that what he did was wrong, or didn’t think he would get caught. And what on earth could he say to justify saying a student had nice tits? I am genuinely curious to know how he would explain that remark away; is he a product of a culture that says comments like that are ok? Because that’s just awful.

    And yes, it seems unlikely he will learn anything. Because for someone to behave this way in the first place suggests he doesn’t think it’s wrong (and his slap on the wrist will just reinforce to him that he’s right and it really isn’t worthy of punishment), in which case he wont change. Or he will just become more secretive or indirect about it which can make people feel unsure about reporting because it is less obvious and clear-cut. Or he will target students who are less “trustworthy” (you know, those horrible troublemakers) and who may not be believed, and/or make them scared to report harrassment.

    So, all up, this is a huge fucking joke. I do research on behavioural psychology (reward and punishment), and basically this situation boils down to: teacher does awful behaviour with very little negative consequence, and so doesn’t actually learn that that behaviour is a bad one that will result in (legitimate) punishment. So he has no reason to want to avoid that behaviour in future, because he knows that the consequences of it are not actually bad.

    It’s utterly absurd.

  2. Not A Feminist

    If you’re making this entire post based on that stuff.co.nz article, a lot of what you’ve written is not fair, I think. You said he’s been “lightly slapped on the wrist with a wet bus ticket” – where does it say that? The inquiry hasn’t even come to a close yet. The NZTC very well MAY remove his registration, the process is not finished yet. I’m sick of stuff.co.nz writing shit like this trying to make the NZTC look like shit and oh those teachers don’t even deserve more money and they’re all just greedy and don’t do their jobs properly.

    They wrote that he “will be able to teach again” – not necessarily. It’s still in flux. All they did was not immediately, unequivocally and permanent deregister him. Instead they’ve removed his practising certificate until he’s shown that he won’t be a complete creep in the classroom. Stuff.co.nz is trying to make NZTC look unreasonable by merely daring to give him any kind of option to redeem themselves, but I trust that NZTC will make an informed, responsible decision. It may be they decide he is not able to be a teacher. Either way he has not be slapped on the wrist, *He’s not allowed to teach at the moment until he can prove that he’s professional enough to*.

    Your post is an excellent way in showing how someone can easily be a predator and lie about compassion in their reflective statement, but we don’t know anything about this person except for some of the comments (I would add ‘out of context’ here but they’re inappropriate and intimidating regardless of the context). It could be that he attends a professionalism course and it opens his eyes to how inappropriate he’s been, and his reflective statement is genuine and he changes for better.

    Your post appears to lump him automatically into the “unforgivable, always horrible, never changing misogynist predator” category and the NZTC into “absolutely uninformed, ignorant and incompetent” category; in the same way that prostitutes keep getting lumped in the “dirty, disease-ridden, amoral, terrible mother” category (admittedly, this dude has all of the patriarchy rooting for him which changes things up a bit but we haven’t got enough information to assume he’s a Dick For All Time).

    Knowing people involved in the NZTC and knowing how this kind of misconduct is a very serious deal makes me think that you haven’t actually looked anything up on the NZTC and their registration procedures, you’ve based your entire judgement of their inadequacy on a stuff.co.nz article, which is never a good idea.

    (This comment isn’t meant to be critical of your explanation of how a predator can slip through the system which could very possibly be a scary reality, but a criticism of your over-simplification of the NZTC and its procedures.)

    • QoT

      The Stuff article states the NZTC has “released its findings”, NAF. If there’s more to go in the process then I look forward to seeing the final outcome.

      However, to even go so far as to say “at this point, we’re going the attend-some-seminars route” does say to me that this is not a matter considered utterly beyond the pale.

      And sexually harassing young women in one’s care is beyond the pale to me.

      Where my anger is coming from specifically though is admittedly a visceral rage-reaction to the entire concept of a “reflective statement”.

      A “reflective statement” is what girls at my highschool would write following a meditative session during a class retreat. It sounds like a thoughtful, introspective piece of soulful stream-of-consciousness.

      This fucking tool told young women he’d take pictures of their tits. He doesn’t need to “reflect” and he sure as shit doesn’t deserve to sit quietly and think about what he’s done and basically produce something like the above that sure might push someone’s Compassionate Consensus-Building Everyone Deserves A Second Chance To Redeem buttons but sure as shit doesn’t indicate “YOU HAVE REALLY REALLY FUCKED UP AND YOU NEED TO FUCKING APOLOGISE AND MAKE IT RIGHT.”

      Unless stuff.co.nz are making up the phrases “appropriate behaviour management” and “sufficient knowledge of professional boundaries” I frankly feel entirely safe looking askance at any process wrapped up in waffley verbal pap. It is bullshit. Using language which portrays sexual harassment of minors under care as “oops, I overstepped a totally vague line in the sand!” and “oh noes, that was a tad unprofessional of me, I must try harder next time” marginalizes the extreme fucked-up-ness of what this man has done.

  3. Not A Feminist

    It could very well turn into this: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/4403680/Porn-case-teacher-deregistered

    Also, you’ve mentioned that he was unnamed with a hint of cynicism (or maybe I just am too sensitive) – it is very possible he’s unnamed for the sake of his victims, and it probably wouldn’t be appropriate to name him at this point in the inquiry anyway.

    I’m really, really, really conscious of this sounding like I’m being a sexual harrassment apologist. I absolutely think he should be thoroughly, thoroughly wrung out for his comments; I just don’t automatically assume from a stuff.co.nz article that NZTC are incompetent and going to get it wrong.

    • QoT

      I am of two minds on the teacher remaining unnamed. Yes, of course his victims must be protected. How about the other victims who may not have had the courage to step forward? How about the future pupils he may very well go back to teaching, and their parents, who will have no knowledge of this man’s past behaviour and thus will not feel certain of being believed, or certain of their daughters’ veracity, if it happens again.

      I really do appreciate your comments aren’t personal or anything, but one of my ranty-feminist mental-stability-preservation techniques is to not assume the best of authority figures dealing with privileged perpetrators (male teachers are such a sought-after breed) and young, female victims.

      • Not A Feminist

        The more I think about it, the more I agree with you, I think. The privilege of not-being-a-woman means that I’ve never had to be subjected to such inappropriate comments and so didn’t think enough about what it would be like to be one of the girls harrassed.