A different, whiter, richer type of offender

Bruce Emery is to be released from prison after serving two years.

Which seems totally reasonable seeing as all he did was get a knife, chase down a teenager evil Satan-worshipping vandal, and stab him to death.

At least, the hang-’em-high-and-throw-away-the-key lobby thinks so.


Sensible Sentencing Trust head Garth McVicar – who usually backs the victims of crime – supported Emery’s early release.

He said Emery had to “pay a price for what he did” but the 52-year-old was a “different type of offender”.

“I didn’t think he should have gone to jail,” said Mr McVicar.

“That young offender [Pihema] had been doing graffiti before and Emery had been becoming extremely frustrated with it.

Extremely frustrated.

Let’s think about that for a minute, kiddies.

Garth McVicar –  who talks the big talk about victims living in fear and crimewaves crashing over the country in a suspiciously Polynesian-looking tsunami – sees no fucking problem with Bruce Emery walking the streets.

He takes no issue with letting a man, who cannot control his frustration, whose temper is on such a hair trigger that he stabbed a teen to death for tagging a fence, roam the streets of New Zealand.

Bruce Emery killed Pihema Cameron over a fucking fence.  He chased him down and killed him.  Over a fucking lick of paint.  And he has just been informed by our justice system and our biggest, most self-righteous crusader against crime, that what he did was not that bad.  That he was justified in killing a fifteen-year-old over a fucking tag.

Boy, I know I feel safer right now.


  1. Boganette

    I’m so glad you blogged about this. I’m sure everyone knows that to Garth McVicar “different type of offender” just means white.

    He’s repulsive. Lost in all of this is that Pihema was a good kid. He’d never been in trouble with police before that night. Yet McVicar has told everyone who’ll listen that he was this terrifying, menacing criminal. He was just a kid.

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  3. Erin

    A really well written article. I am so sick of Garth McVicar getting screen time in NZ – he’s a bigot of the highest order. Also “suspiciously Polynesian-looking tsunami” – hilarious.

  4. Trina

    Thanks for the views. Totally agree. McVicar is a loose cannon. He needs to go for the SST to be taken seriously.

    • QoT

      I disagree, Trina. Garth McVicar is merely the current mouthpiece of an organisation which advocates a punitive, brutal, hypocritical approach to justice issues – and calls itself the Sensible Sentencing Trust when what they actually want is longer, harsher, permanent sentences.

      Just putting a different face on that kind of kneejerk criminals-are-evil-aliens-who-occur-in-a-societal-vacuum rubbish is hardly going to make me take them seriously.

      • Trina

        Actually you are right, there is no reason to take the SST seriously. The are a bunch of reactionary racist hypocrites. I think McVicar is more than a figurehead though. I just read somewhere he was nominated for NZer of the Year – WTF!?

  5. lyndon

    Just in case y’all were hoping it was an isolated outburst, here his is at the time:

    “… when a decent hard working citizen is facing a murder charge because of his frustration over this issue.”


    FWIW McVicar founded the trust and does seem to drive things; it would be poorer without him. Except that they’ve also managed to eg really annoy Labour recently, so he may now be a liablity for them after all.

    • QoT

      I’m not really an advocate of vigilante bullshit, random-commenter-with-confusing-website. That’s really more the Nonsensical Sentencing Trust’s bag.

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