Pope edges towards acknowledging reality … but not really

Tigtog has pretty much nailed the facts around the Pope’s slight mutterings about maybe not entirely condemning condom use by specific types of people for specific reasons.  Possibly.

Still, the optimists may like to see any kind of consideration for condom use not being invariably a one-way ticket of hell as progress.

All this never-Catholic-enough-to-even-be-called-a-lapsed-Catholic has to ponder is the extreme convenience of a religion which builds fervor on a solid foundation of guilt and self-criticism, declaring natural human urges and behaviour (along with any practical steps taken to make that behaviour have fewer negative consequences in this world) to be naughty.



  1. reader

    Apparently the chruch is preparing a charm offensive to explain the Catholic stance on “sexual ethics”.

    I’d hate to be responsible for trying to spin that…