Privileged whinging and spamtrolls: Nature’s way of saying you’re doing it right

Last Thursday I made a post about the Newlands College dean and her many fans who think it’s totally reasonable to call a pupil under her authority a slut.

My points were pretty basic feminist analysis:  slut-shaming is a phenomenon of using sex to control women’s behaviour; skirt length rules in school uniforms are inherently sexist and based on the same notions of policing women’s appearance and behaviour.

But oh my, did that piss some people off.

Ladles and jellyspoons, the QoT semi-annual How Stupid Are You? awards!

First up, to the whinger who started it all, I present the Male Privilege:  Lurkers Support Me On Facebook award to


Chris just wanted to clear things up, people!  He just felt there were important matters to be address about how, um, the girl in question is evil!  And her parents cried to the media!  And, um, how dare you question the school which he totally has no connection to, except that he knows all the people involved and … oh shit, there I go Googling things and blowing his cover.

Then your beloved QoT looked at her blog stats and holy shit was she getting a lot of traffic from Facebook, and all of it to one post … and then other people posted using their real names and whaddaya know if they were all friends on Facebook too … and then I bemoaned the fact that apparently all of those mass-panic docos about young adults being oblivious to the consequences and lack of privacy of the internet were correct all along.

Once I started moderating all comments and posted to that effect, what do you know but Chris came along again to let us all know it totally wasn’t his fault and he totally didn’t condone the trolling of my blog by his friends.

And if we had any doubts about Chris’ privilege?  Well, there went that.

Chris, it must be wonderful to live in a dreamworld where just posting a link to a person’s blog, presumably with some kind of “this horrid person is totes denying me my freedom of speech!” has absolutely no predictable, negative consequences.*  It must be great to have such a sunny view of your Facebook friends that you honestly thought they would truck along here and say “Gracious QoT, I do humbly beseech you consider the most eloquent commentary of Chris, for he is verily a man of good heart”.

I would frankly love to live in this world of yours, where it somehow comes as a surprise, in the context of a post about women being attacked using sexist language, that the people on the side of the person using sexist language might also use sexist language.

But Chris need not have any fear of a double-award evening today, for the Do You Even Know Where You Are? award goes to his pal


who decided that the problem Chris was having was obviously down to me not being able to read or something, so he repeated Chris’ but-she-was-evil-and-she-did-break-the-rules post down to a T.  Please note that’s “repeated”, not “summarised”, because dear Christ do these people wax lyrical.

I say it again because apparently this can’t be said enough:  anyone can start a blog.  It is quick and easy and free and then you can talk shit about whatever to your heart’s content.  How the hell do you think Ideologically Impure got started?

Jordan’s crimes went on to include having a moan about “just” wanting an “open-minded” discussion and all the usual “it’s not derailment if it’s me derailing” excuses, but he earned a special place in my heart when this popped up in my inbox:

QoT do you have a feminist stance?

And that’s why he’s a winner tonight, for achieving that perfect balance between obliviousness and trollbait, leaving the moderator to ponder, “Is this a joke?  But it sounds so sincere.  But … surely a joke?  Maybe he hasn’t read any other posts.  But … what about the tag cloud?  Or the other comments?  Or the actual post he IS commenting on?  SO CONFUSED.”

Jordan, you should be very proud right now.  With such subtle trollery you have a great career as a privileged asshole in front of you.  Alternatively, with such massive obliviousness you must lead a charmed life.

Our final category recognises that some people have great potential but just can’t go the distance without attention from enemies and peers alike.  The Is That All? award goes to


for sending 8 identical comments  in 48 minutes trying to make your blogger feel self-conscious about being a righteously angry feminist (using much smaller words, of course).

The judges felt Bob got off to a strong start, but failed to grasp that the art of the true spam-troll relies on volume and speed, not waiting to see if the fifth identical comment got deleted like the four before it before posting the sixth.

They noted however that Bob probably wasn’t helped by the utter lack of interest shown by his friends at in his surprisingly amateur “let’s troll this feminist like real men!” post.  Presumably they had better things to do, like, um, talk about actual bodybuilding.

In conclusion, dear readers, one thing is clear:  anti-feminist trolls and over-entitled privileged white boys are but two sides of the same coin.  Each thinks that what you have to say can’t possibly be important if it’s not something they agree with, but the former merely wants to bully you into silence while the latter desperately wants you to stroke his intellect-cock and tell him he’s a clever boy.

Stunningly, both types actually think they have a right to wave their asses in your space.  They don’t actually comprehend that you are the one in control, because the joys of being privileged little men mean they’re used to people bowing and scraping and letting them walk around with no pants on because they Deserve To Be Heard.  And because they conflate “stating my viewpoint” with “everyone agreeing with me”, they’re never content to just comment, “I disagree and here’s why.” and then go away.  As soon as someone engages with them and says “Well you’re actually wrong and off-topic”, they simply must keep talking until you agree or start deleting their comments – which has nothing to do with their behaviour, it’s obviously because you know you’re wrong but like a total girl you just can’t handle being wrong.

And of course they can’t possibly be off topic, because if they think something is relevant to the debate (usually because it Totally Proves Them Right) then it must be and how dare you point out that it’s irrelevant, it’s actually a much more important conversation to have so you must have it now!!!

The only thing we can do, dear friends, is remember that these sad little people will always find someone to pamper their egos and tell them that of course they’re allowed to walk around with their ass showing.  But we do not need to pamper them or even acknowledge them, because our blogs are our spaces and there is actually no obligation on anyone to put up with asshattery or provide teaching moments to those who plainly do not see there is anything to learn.

Besides, nothing pisses off these douchebags like never letting their crap see the light of day.  Poor diddumses, to never have their awesome smackdowns of the silly feminists (or people of colour or people with disabilities or any types of activist bloggers) published so everyone can say “YOU ARE SO RIGHT MR TROLL, YOU ARE AWESOME AND YOUR BLOG-COCK IS TRULY MAGNIFICENT”.  Don’t you feel sorry for them?


*I make the assumption here, because I have no idea, that Chris’ post was somewhat innocuous and not of the “fuck this bitch is a bitch fuck her let’s spam her blog” nature, but that’s because I apparently have some faith left in humanity.  Besides, oblivious male privilege fits the bill so well here that I don’t think we need put Chris on a level with his friend Bob further down.


  1. Boganette

    Wow – That link to that forum page is kind of hilarious in a ‘look at that sad little man’ way. She deleted my idiotic crap so let’s troll her? Really? Wow.

    But then of course it always ends up being something you can’t laugh at completely. When you see “I rape back” is his signature. There’s always some kind of undercurrent of violence isn’t there?

    I think it’s great you delete their shit. I love how outraged they get. Like they’re completely entitled to go to someone’s blog and abuse them and expect to STILL have a platform at said blog.

    Anyway – I think you’re awesome. These dudes are way pathetic. And could be eaten for breakfast if needed, but would not be a substantial meal.

    • QoT

      Yeah, that signature definitely confirmed I was not letting his crap through even for the purposes of presenting a perfect illustration of threatened masculinity.

  2. Rageaholic

    I find it so bizarre how some people think that “freedom of speech” means “I can say whatever the fuck I want any time anywhere and anyone who moderates me is some kind of nazi”. No: freedom of speech means you are welcome to engage if you are respectful and adhere to the house rules, or you can always start your own blog!

    If you got into a conversation with any of these lads in your local pub they could converse with you until they started screaming maniacally, at which point they would get thrown out. Or they could ignore you and bad-mouth you to their friends. Same rules apply here.

  3. kimode

    Great post.

    I noticed Bob’s “i rape back” signature on the body building forum (as Boganette has pointed out) and now I’m kinda at a loss for words…

  4. steph

    But, QoT….DO you have a feminist stance? I confus.


    And on a serious note: fuck yes to this whole post. These dudez TM are obviously not used to the idea (because of their privilege) that they can’t just come into your space and mansplain at you repeatedly. A place where their opinion isn’t automatically the most valid and factual one in the room? Fetch me my fainting couch!

  5. stargazer

    standing ovation from me QoT!

    i got a moron on one of my THM posts tonight which i’ve left up, purely because it’s so pathetic. i so agree with everything you’ve said here.