The joys of comment moderation and the misconception of free speech

Dear friends,

My blog is currently experiencing a highly flattering influx of LOL GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN comments, which I’m sure are nothing to do with a commenter on this post running away to Facebook to whinge about Being Silenced By Nasty Feminists.*

As such, comments are being moderated until the petty wankstains fuck off.  Carry on!

ETA: Comment policy updated.  Suck it and see what your prize will be.


*As stated in that post, of course I don’t give a shit what people publish, or don’t publish, on their Facebook pages; but if you’re going to try and summon an army of support, at least tell them to use creative pseudonyms that can’t be immediately traced back to you, as the impact of a half-dozen critical comments is somewhat lessened when they’re all obviously your mates.


  1. Chris

    I stand by my own comments, but can not claim any responsibility for comments following my own and disassociate myself from them entirely. As stated in my last comment, which you censored, I agreed to disagree and move on. I don’t condone nor engage in feminist-bashing. I don’t need the support of others for peace of mind regarding my viewpoint, and I have not asked for it.

    • QoT

      “Censoring” is what governments do. Having your self-serving passive-aggressive insults deleted is not the same thing. Certainly you aren’t responsible for what your friends say; but you are the reason they are trollling my blog and even if your comments weren’t already off-topic, derailing, and curiously silent on your connection to the school you were defending, they are rendered very suspect by the kinds of reactions people have when defending you.

      You yourself have tried to condone and mitigate a school dean using abusive sexist language against a pupil; it’s probably a bit late to start telling me or your mates that you don’t like the use of abusive sexist language.

  2. Boganette

    Wow, How did I miss this. Was I in the kitchen?

    Frankly I am just amazed by the reaction to this whole thing – not just on this blog but on Brian “But my daughter is female!” Edwards’ blog as well.

    How is it that people are so comfortable having these opinions – let alone PUBLICLY having them and trying to convince other people they’re right and moral opinions. I’ve had it on Twitter too. I really thought “teacher calls student slut” would be a pretty straight case of people saying ‘yeah that’s not on’. I’m amazed people want to write essays about how SOMETIMES it’s OK to call a 14-year-old a slut. And SOMETIMES a person in power should be allowed to belittle and shame a child. It’s all about CONTEXT you see. And this young girl was EVIL and the teacher was a SAINT!

    Really? Really? I can’t believe that people are claiming ‘poor teacher’ while in the same breath calling a 14-year-old every awful name under the sun. The victim here is this girl – who is now being verbally abused on blogs supposedly run by adults. This girl is now the topic of winner arguments like “But uh she uh said she uh LOOKED like a slut and uh she uh she did. Snigger. Grunt”.

    Where did all the adults go?

    • QoT

      The question is not whether you were in the kitchen, B, the question is why either of us are out of it! Our periods have probably just made us bitchy and disoriented.