Nothing says “I don’t care” like 2,872 words

Pickle Think has rather comprehensively covered Stephen Fry’s … um … self-absorbed refusal to listen to his criticsresponse“.

I’m especially enamoured of the title Silliness, which basically encapsulates the juvenile-flounce-post feel of the whole [2,872-word] thing.

But just a few points which are so, so Feminism 101 and yet seem to have escaped Mr Fry.

1.  It’s not satire if plenty of people actually feel that way.

And plenty of people think women don’t have “real” sexual drives and only use sex to trap Innocent Menfolk into relationships/marriage/babies.

2. No one cares that some of your best friends are women.

I’m no anti-feminist.  I love women.  Some of my best friends are women.  My wife, indeed.

– Sir Humphrey Appleby

3.  No oppressed group gets to shit on another one for giggles.

I mean seriously.

4.  Everything you, or anyone, says or does is reflective of societal attitudes.

Apparently, Stephen Fry just wanted to make gay men* feel better about the oppression they face by making fun of how tough hetero men’s lives are.

Which automatically led his brain to [hetero] women’s frigidity and hetero men’s lack of access to anonymous pussy.

I think feminists can just stop blogging at this point, all our points have just been definitely made for us.


*And I note that it’s always gay men, because apparently Stephen Fry doesn’t feel any empathy for lesbians.  I’m sure we’re all very surprised.


  1. Amanda

    Rawr QoT. 🙂

    Point 4 a thousands time over. I get so tired of people saying “Bigot X doesn’t reflect who I am/is not important to me therefore their words are not important”. Words, any words, are important because they ALL build on the cultural narrative.

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