I hate it when people’s perceptions of me are accurate

Via No Right Turn, word is out that MPs are planning to continue rorting us all by playing three card monty about where they actually live.

That’s pretty fucking enraging on its own, but here’s what really leapt out at me:

MPs have resolved that for senior members “their non-Wellington home would remain their `home base’ regardless of the amount of time they are able to spend there (thereby also preventing the perception that the member is no longer based in their constituency)”

Now one can only scratch one’s pretty little head and think “Geewhillikers, Pa, how do people come to have such a perception of our beloved senior politicians?”

Well, here’s the commute the Prime Minister has to make from his house to his electorate office.

Google Maps
And don’t even start, National fans, because here’s the Leader of the Opposition’s commute from his house to his electorate office:

Yeah, we definitely want to put the brakes on that nasty perception that senior MPs aren’t based in their electorates.  I suppose we should just be thankful that the Auckland amalgamation means they’re both in the same city as their electorate.*  But not much.


*When they’re actually in Auckland, much less in their electorate.  Yes, defenders, the roles of PM and Leader of the Opposition are pretty fucking important and of course they require a huge level of commitment.  But you know what?  Welcome to the world of MMP, people, in which you don’t actually need to be a fucking electorate MP to get into Parliament.