Just in case you were going to call anyone a “hysterical feminist” in the near future

Stargazer at THM very nicely sums up the recent case of an employer who explicitly refused to hire a person because of her gender.

In the comments (which include the usual Why Can’t I Just Do Whatever I Want, Why Can’t I Get A Job In A Women’s Gym suspects) someone asks:

What gets me is he could have just not told her why he wasn’t hiring her. So why did he?

Indeed, the entire case comes down to the fact that this guy basically spelled it out:  “I’m not hiring you because you are a woman and I want to hire a guy [insert “team dynamic” “not a sexist honest” excuses here.”

Why would he do such a thing?  Women get turned down for jobs and promotions every day without being able to nail the bastard to the wall with his own overt sexism (not to mention similar cases for people of colour, people with disabilities, queer folk, trans folk …)  Why would this guy just step right into it with such an admission?  In writing, for goddess’ sake?

Here’s a bit of a revelation for any doubters and fence-sitters and people who generally think feminism’s done its dash and why are you so angry, come on, no one really discriminates against women these days!:

They do.  Some people do, still, sincerely believe that women are less than men, cannot relate to men, cannot do the same jobs as men*.  And not only do they believe these things, they are quite willing to say them, and quite willing to act on these beliefs, and would you credit it, they are, in fact, surprised when an authority figure turns around and says “Bad misogynist, no cookie.”

It does not require elaborate conspiracy theories or delusions of persecution or a martyr complex to know that women are oppressed, and women are denied equal opportunity, and let’s not even go near equal outcomes, with men.

Monte Wells is just clueless enough to be honest about his sexism.  How many guys do you think aren’t?


*Anyone tempted to whinge about greater upper body strength etc can go sit in the corner and have a lesson with Beth Phoenix.


Without formally committing to NaBloPoMo, largely because of its awful acronym, I’m setting a casual “30 posts in 30 days” goal for myself.  I do not guarantee they will be quality posts, nor that I won’t just post pictures of Natalya Neidhart to get my count up.


  1. Coprophiliac

    While I don’t see why a female shouldn’t be allowed to sell cars of all things, there are in fact some jobs that would be best done by one sex or the other. For example, women would make poor construction workers due to their lack of physical strength compared to men. Men would make poor nurses due to lack of natural nurturing instinct.

    • QoT

      Coprophiliac, it would probably help to read the entire post. I have no fucking time for “men are better suited for X, women are better suited for Y”. It’s gender essentialist bullshit and I will not tolerate it on my blog.

      • TheGimp

        Except when men want to work in a field women don’t want them to. Then, keeping them out is perfectly reasonable and even justified. Otherwise, you’re damn right a 125-lb woman who can barely lift her purse can be just as good a firefighter/security guard/construction worker/what-have-you. Damn discrimination!

        It’s funny that you mention all those wrestlers, though. Chyna’s basically half-man anyway from all the steroids and male hormones she’s been taking, and I don’t know the other two, but do they wrestle men? If not, I rest my case.

        I’m starting to realize why I only see feminist nutjob threads like this on blogs with heavily moderated comment sections. Silencing all opposition by force is the only way to “prove” yourself right. 😛

        • QoT

          Oh, you are a precious little bingo-square-filler, aren’t you? Yes yes, I totally think people (women or men, shockingly!) should be able to just get hired for physical work they aren’t able to do. And I totally “silence” people by, um … stopping them from starting their own blogs where they can spread all the hyper-intelligent “Chyna looks like a man” witticisms they like.

          You, my dear, are a wonderful object lesson in how truly, pathetically insecure some people are about strong women having opinions.

        • QoT

          Gimp, your comments are not going to be let through until you’re able to constructively add to the conversation taking place. By all means run back to your hole and whinge about my refusal to “debate” (despite letting your first obnoxious comment through) but as this is my place I do not have to play host to trolling.

  2. Personal Failure

    Monte Wells is just clueless enough to be honest about his sexism. How many guys do you think aren’t?

    Well, there are 6.5B people on the planet, half of them are male, and even assuming that even only half of them are even somewhat misogynistic, and including women who have absorbed misogyny as normal and right . . . anyone got any prozac?

  3. Amanda

    And before Beth there was Chyna…

    And Geez Copro, talk about Fail 101. Why don’t you just walk into a Feminist blog and explain sexism to us, coz our little ladybrains are a-hurtin’ tryin’ to understand it… /sarcasm

  4. TheGimp (annotated by QoT)

    Translation: “I’m not putting up any more of your comments until you agree with me.” [Gimp is psychic! Gimp gains 10 mansplaining points]

    As for doing me the ‘favour’ of putting up my first comment, I think you were hoping to display it as “See what I have to put up with!” and then have your faithful commenters/cronies cheerfully pick it apart, thus reinforcing your sense of superiority. When that didn’t happen, you decided putting me on ‘mute’ was a better idea. Only problem is, I don’t care whether my comments show up – honestly, I didn’t expect it. [Gimp pretends not to care after 3 very wordy comments. Gimp doesn’t understand that QoT doesn’t really have a huge commentariat especially on three-month-old posts.]

    BTW, I got the ‘bingo square filler’ thing, which I previously thought was some weird random insult. Apparently it’s part of some feminist newspeak shit, like ‘mansplaining’ and stuff you’ve made up to make you right all the time – it’s like Calvinball. Like whatever a guy says, you call it ‘mansplaining’ which makes it wrong. [Gimp is reaching for those bingo squares!]

    Anyways, I’m not gonna debate you, I kinda feel sorry for you. I know a few girls like you in real life – they’re usually the withdrawn, unpopular ones with anger issues. It can’t be easy being angry all the time, but maybe you got your reasons. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya and all that. [Gimp nails Advanced Misogyny 201 by trying to appeal to classic cultural bogeymen of patriarchy, to wit “women who aren’t popular will never Find A Man and thus purpose in life”. Gimp attempts feeble pop-psych. QoT wouldn’t want to be Gimp either, since out-of-the-blue misogynist comments on small-name blogs speak to something far more pathetic than “being angry” which is actually an awesome righteous thing.]

    (I’m sure you’ll have some pithy, venomous answer to all of this but you don’t need to bother, I won’t be checking back here).

    [Dear Gimp, my pithy responses aren’t actually FOR you. I think it’s actually very important to use comments like yours to illustrate the daily abuse and harassment faced by women who dare to have opinions online. I thank you for ticking all the boxes, from pretending not to care, to flouncing, to “analysing” me against the patriarchal Index of Fuckability and finding me wanting. You have done great work here and I do most fulsomely hope the door doesn’t hit your ass on the way out.]