Pippa Wetzell resigns from TVNZ

TVOne Breakfast cohost Pippa Wetzell resigned today following the resignation of the show’s frontman, Paul Henry.

Henry’s resignation came after he made racist comments on air.  Many commentators had noted that these comments were hardly unprecedented and rumours had circulated that this was basically entirely the point of his having the job.

Wetzell, however, seems to have come under fire as well for her lack of role in the incident.

A tearful Wetzell said at a hurried press conference this morning that she felt she had to go.

“My role on Breakfast has always been to sit next to Paul and tut-tut his more offensive comments.  TVNZ has relied on me to provide a visible counterpoint to Paul’s bigotry and dog-whistles to redneck New Zealand, and to make people stop short of protesting outside TVNZ offices, by providing a dissenting on-air voice.

“At times I have also been in charge of pressing the little button that sends electric shocks into Paul’s collar when he’s getting a bit too close to stepping over the generous lines drawn for him by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

“By not rolling my eyes obviously enough, and by merely trying to coax Paul into acting like a semi-decent human being – as dictated by my performance review criteria – instead of contradicting him clearly enough to mollify the critics in our audience, I have cost Paul his job and TVNZ a just-palatable-enough-not-to-sack fuckwit host.”

Media pundits have confirmed that Wetzell’s loss will not be a particularly great one to the organisation, as they have for many years been following Fox News’s strategy of growing unthreatening blonde commentators in vats backstage.  This appears to be borne out by TVNZ’s brief statement on Wetzell’s resignation which referred to her at various points as “Alison,” “Kaye”, and “Kate”.

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  1. toad

    Cheers, QoT. As incisive and to the point as ever! Good to see you back from your “hiatus” – I’ve missed you.

  2. Jum

    And, like, I may as well leave because I’m now too big to reach the table to get my coffee.

    Mind you, the only thing TVNZ haven’t done yet for ratings is to film the birth!!!

    • QoT

      And Paul Henry has of course always been so tactful, sensitive and mature about his cohosts’ (Pippa Wetzell and Fran Can’tremember the movie reviewer) pregnancies.

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  4. Dianne

    Pippa and Paul you will be greatly missed and they will never be able to replace you both.
    [QoT: Okay, apparently I need a “satire” tag.]

  5. Ben

    The source on this links to Henry’s Resignation, not to Wetzell’s. Can you link the correct source or is Wetzell’s resignation made up hogwash?

    • QoT

      I don’t know, Ben. Do you think it’s likely that TVNZ has actually fitted Paul Henry with an electric shock collar? Because the answer to that question might lead you to the truth. Or reveal a lot about your grasp of satirical material.

  6. Jum

    This is why it is so dangerous to allow people like Henry and various botoxed bimbos on to public broadcasting channels; whatever they say many people are conditioned to accept that gutter thinking and think presenters’ opinions are acceptable, especially when they’re being paid megabucks by us and presumably deemed to have New Zealanders’ tacit agreement for these gutter views.

    Fraser suggested this morning that TVNZ should be sold off and a real public broadcaster that caters to the thinking woman and man should be set up, one not reliant on red necks and advertising to give the government a dividend, at the price of our intelligence.
    a) it is obvious government’s evil agenda to reduce our level of intelligence is working and
    b) no way do we sell off our taxpaid public broadcasters channel until we have a replacement with some intelligent content; it would never happen otherwise. The last thing Key or any fascist government wants is a thinking public.

    If one person thinks Henry is operated on an electric shock collar has anyone checked his back to check if a wind-up Key is in there, too?

  7. Ray

    This was the best breakfast show in the world!!
    Provocative, entertaining and very funny….
    Paul and Pippa you will be sorely missed …

    [QoT: Wrong meter for a haiku so I’m going to go with satire fail again. Suddenly National’s electoral victory makes so much more sense …]

  8. Rose

    Breakfast wont be the same. Paul and Pippa definately made that show and I know for myself that I wont be watching it anymore.
    Pippa, you will be missed as well as Paul. Thanks Paul for saying what most would`nt! Tactful or not! And for Pippa, all the very best for your pregnancy-will be sure to see you again on our screens in the near future. [QoT: edited for racist bullshit, comment retained because I cannot get over people’s lack of reading comprehension.]

    • QoT

      Rose, if Paul Henry is “just saying what most wouldn’t” – by which I assume you mean “most people secretly think racist thoughts” – then I am happy to be abnormal. I see no reason to thank Paul Henry for being an immature attention-seeker.

  9. Jum

    Art imitating life imitating art imitating life…Key imitating life imitating art imitating life imitating Key imitating pm…

  10. Denise

    The Breakfast show isn’t the same with out Paul and Pippa, you are sadly missed:( I have just returned from being over seas for 4months, to find there are two new presenters, Who I find very annoying and Irritating.Corin and Petra can never replace you. Good luck Pippa with baby No3, still can’t believe we won’t be seeing you on our screens.

    • QoT


      It’s also nearly fourth months old. Could Gen X please figure out how to work Google already?

  11. Dianne

    Petra [body policing deleted], is just the pits. Now you can use your satire, freely. No more TV1 Breakfast for us.

    • QoT

      Dianne, if you’ve actually read this post, and especially noted the fact that it’s on a blog with a tag called “paul henry is going to a special level of hell”, it should theoretically come as no surprise that I am not particularly sympathetic to anyone who thinks having a non-lecherous guy and a non-passive woman in a non-stereotypical power dynamic presenting morning TV, instead of a chauvinist wankstain and a tut-tutting foil, is worth changing the channel for.

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