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I’m going on hiatus for a wee while as of this weekend.  In the meantime, here’s a dose of QoT rage to keep you warm.

Someone drop me an email if Gerry Brownlee reinstitutes the death penalty or anything.



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The Holy Piscine Emperor Scott puts it pictorially

And Russel Norman has a whinge* (notice the wonderful use of the active voice in the title, as though he were merely an observer)

My comment at frogblog (with all the naughty words spelled out in full, this is after all my cuss-filled sandbox) reproduced below in full because I’m smug.


I apologise in advance if this gets a little potty-mouthed, but I am frankly p!ssed off.

If the Green Party’s MPs honestly could not find a simple, soundbite-friendly way to explain not supporting this Bill (how about, “We don’t think it’s a good idea to give Gerry Brownlee the power to make murder legal”?  How about, “We would support any Bill which is actually about helping Canterbury, this Bill is about giving Gerry Brownlee dictatorial powers.”  THERE YOU GO, NO CHARGE), then what the flying f#$% are you doing in politics?

And for all the bloody media-would-bag-us apologists … let’s pretend it’s September 2011.  Or even June 2011, given some people’s predictions.  What do you think is going to cost more voters – having voted against a foregone conclusion a year earlier, or having every party (including Labour!) and pundit being able to say “Well you can’t really complain about Gerry Brownlee violating human rights, you voted for it.”

Frankly, FUCK your principled speeches.  No one is going to look at your speeches when Gerry Brownlee declares a thousand-year ECan Reich, they’re going to say “well, if you didn’t want him to have this power you shouldn’t have voted for him to have this power.”

Actually, though, it’s probably a good thing that no one will look at your speeches.  Then they’ll realise you’re a pack of hypocrites as well as cowards (and really, really sh!t political players).


So who the fuck can I vote for now?


*At this point I should add the disclaimer that I recently re-stumbled on Maia’s excellent post on why she ain’t voting Green any time soon so was already a wee bit pissed off at the ginger bastard.

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  1. Jeremy Harris

    Hello my name is Jeremy Harris and in response to the CERRA I’ve created a facebook group looking to keep pressure on or hopefully, ultimately, amend this very troubling (from a democratic standpoint) Act.

    Here is the group’s link:


    I’m asking if those of you in the blogoshpere could write a quick post linking to it and ask your readers who are worried about our democracy to please join.


    Jeremy Harris