One thing is clear: youth are just, like, evil for no reason

Eddie at The Standard and Danyl at the Dim-Post pretty much cover everything there is to be said about the Government’s proposed alcohol law changes.

One question remains for me, though, and it’s not the one begged by every single piece of “mainstream” coverage of our National Alcohol Shame [to wit: How do our yoof end up thinking binge drinking is cool and fun? HOW, DAMN YOU?].

It’s the question I generally end up screaming sarcastically at the television:  how can we – specifically, our lawmakers and one-man-lobby-groups informed pundits and retrograde temperance movement ALAC keep up the pretence that our National Alcohol Shame is just a youth problem, sprung out of Zeus’ head fully-formed and absolutely nothing to do at all with anything those young folk might be seeing, hearing, being told every fucking day by the society they’re living in?

It’s not like this is behaviour demonstrated on a regular basis by our supposed role models.  And it’s not like authorities will fight over the right to host events which are all about the sport an excuse for a citywide piss-up.  And of course our national leaders have always been paragons of restraint in this area.  And certainly the older people in kids’ lives are setting fantastic examples.

And “Party Central” is just a name that evokes … good solid Christian-value funtimes, maybe featuring a two-thousand player game of Yahtzee?

Seriously, people.  Drinking isn’t fun, and going out to get pissed is just totally uncool.  Where do the kids get this idea from?

Of course, the answer is actually obvious:  all these groups, including our politicians and including our Concerned Moral Majority and especially those rape-threat-encouraging fuckers at ALAC are well aware that this is society-wide.  They just don’t care because of course [for the pollies and the moralists] it’s okay when they do it, and [for the nouveau temperance wankers] hypocrisy is just hunky-dory as long as you’re stopping someone from having a fun drug-aided time.


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