Why we need a prochoice abortion law

Julie lays it out pretty damn succinctly.

It’s the commentary to slide 5 that really speaks to me.

People are going to have sex.

Yep.  They are.  You and me, baby, ain’t nothing but mammals, and mammals have sex, and not just in the holy sight of God in order to go forth and multiply.

I am honestly sorry if you’re sitting there thinking “well she should just keep her legs closed” or “abstinence is 100% effective!”* but you are simply denying reality. And it would be really swish if everyone just acted the way you think they should act and if everyone just made the right choices and if we just all denied our base and bestial natures.**

But life is not perfect and humans are far from perfect – well, your idea of “perfect” – and that’s not even getting into how “acting morally” and “fucking like monkeys” are not mutually exclusive concepts.

To quote the most excellent Boganette:

Sex isn’t bad Bob. And the kids are alright.

Enough of me.  Go read Julie’s presentation, because it’s damn good.


*I would say “if we ignore rape”, but of course that’s the entire point of that little jingle.  Only Bad Girls get raped, right?

**But that’s probably a whole other rant to have on how half of society’s issues are grounded in our denial of visceral biological grunginess.***

***The other half is grounded in our denial of mortality.


  1. Julie

    Thanks for the linky love QoT and the kind words. I’ve been thinking about the whole issue about the sex thing (sorry, not v coherent today) and it really does go to the heart of the problem for some people – they just don’t seem to recognise that a discussion about abortion is a discussion about sex, and that the vast vast majority of people do have sex most of the time for purposes that aren’t primarily about making babies.

    • QoT

      You deserve it, Julie, that’s a damn good laying-out of a basic, logical premise for liberal abortion laws.

      I wonder if this is really what makes the abortion issue such a horribly divisive one – even such logical arguments can’t make much dent in some people’s heartfelt beliefs that sex is a dirty, necessary evil which needs to be controlled and restricted.

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  3. Boganette

    Well said. I’m so glad we have women like Julie to do this sort of commentary and get the word out there. I am in awe of her ability to so clearly put forward such a logical argument all I can muster with this debate is FUCK OFF YOU ANTI-CHOICE FUCKBAGS! And that doesn’t help matters much sometimes (though it does feel good).

    And thanks 🙂