Trevor Mallard: fat kids stupid, lazy

Dear readers, a challenge:  how many problems can we find in this post by MP Trevor Mallard?

Do we limit ourselves to “wow, Trevor, just screaming “FAT KIDS!!!!” in the headlines sure was nice and non-judgemental” and “way to buy into that whole fat = lazy stereotype”?

Where would be the fun in that when there is so much more on offer?

I mean, the linked article doesn’t even articulate how our loving, caring programme even defines “overweight” in children.  I beg you, someone please confirm for me that it’s BMI – you know, that complete crock of unscientific shite – or body fat percentage – because if there’s one thing infant creatures don’t need or naturally have lots of, it’s body fat.  I will laugh and laugh and probably cry a bit.

And it’s interesting, you know, with these marvellous results showing “families” – another fun definition question – are being more active, there’s not a single freaking word spent to tell us how all these horrible fat children Learnt the Errors of Their Ways and are now lean, mean fighting machines all ready to fulfill their destinies as soldiers for the Reich.

You’d think they’d shout that one from the rooftops, wouldn’t you?

But nary a word.  Oh, 93% have seen their “health and fitness” improve and of course we’re all neatly conditioned to infer that this means their bikini bodies are ready for summer, but come on.  Nothing?  No average-kilos-lost?  Not even some sweet How I Lost Weight And Kept It Off Even Through Christmas anecdata?

One feels safe concluding that the report writers are, as we speak, in darkened basements jabbing forks into their own eyes to try and unsee the fact that fat kids might become active – might already have been active – and still be fat.

The horror.

And while 79 percent more were active since joining the programme, this was down on the 88 percent figure last year and 81 percent in 2008.

While three-quarters of parents said their children were more willing to try physical activities, less than half (46 percent) said their child felt stronger or fitter, or that they had lost weight.

At this point I roll my eyes, feel entirely confirmed in my own prejudices (even if I don’t put it in such scary behaviour-modification terms as Trevor) and direct y’all to Lesley’s amazing post on why she gave up kickball.

You think that maybe some kids realised they hadn’t magically become a supermodel like all the magazines promised and lost heart?  You think maybe not everyone likes freaking aquarobics?  You think maybe we’re a society so fucking out-of-touch with our bodies that kids, raised on a steady diet of You Are Fat So You Are Unfit, don’t really feel they *can* be stronger or fitter without losing their [CHILDISH!!!] pudge?

Nah, must just be that They Are Lazy And Will Be The End Of Our Health System or something.

“Addressing problems early means you can take a child who might be destined for a life of unhealthy weight, with the associated health problems, and quite literally you can change their destiny,” Ryall said.

Families of children on the scheme were also changing their outlook on life, with 97 percent recognising the value and importance of being physically active, he said.

Because fat people are stupid, but with nanny state there to take care of us we too can have Flat Abs In Just Seconds.

My real gripe in all this, though?  Still back to Mallard.  Shit, dude, even Stuff went to some effort to hide their utter loathing of The Fat Kids.  But you just had to go straight into SCIENCE SHOWS FAT KIDS LAZY, CURABLE, didn’t ya?

I’d respect your forthright honesty but I’m a bit busy slamming my head into this wall.

ETA: I shouldn’t blog at bedtime because then I miss important things like actually inserting the link to Lesley’s aforementioned post.  It’s now there so go have a read!