Hey, where’d the goalposts go?

Oh that’s right, they got moved again.

If you’re trying to bring your blood pressure to a healthy level, a US study suggests that how much you weigh is more important than how fit you are.

Of course it does.  I guess too many fatties were starting to click to the fact that even being salad-eating jogging fanatics won’t magically turn you into Heidi Klum.

Let’s just rattle off the bingo squares, shall we?

Using BMI as a measure of “obesity” (or, well, anything)?  Check.

Dancing around the correlation/causation line and pretending ice cream increases homicidality?  Check.

Paying no attention to the “but how can you BE obese if you’re a fitness bunny? HAS COSMO LIED TO ME ALL THESE YEARS?” paradox behind the curtain?  Check.

Ignoring the likelihood that a heck of a lot of fatties are being put on blood pressure meds they don’t in fact need?  Check.

Happily avoiding the question of exactly how one makes oneself “lean” in any kind of predictable, healthy, sustainable way? Check.*

And, of course, the fundamental gripe I have with all fucking ZOMG HEALTH IMPERATIVE stories?

I’m pretty sure there’s no level of blood pressure that will make me live forever.


*For your more intersectional bingo, test conducted which assumes sustained walking is a universal measure of fitness?  Check.


  1. Octavia

    So they use BMI as a base measurement… and this is supposed to be scientific and unbiased.
    It was a study on mostly white men… and this is supposed to be representative of everyone. (What?! White men aren’t everyone?!)
    Can’t walk = not fit!
    And the article ends with a nice little fatties-are-a-drain-on-the-system bingo. Lovely!

    Now if only there was a long-term way for people to achieve a permanent “lean body weight” (interesting emotive use of “lean” to refer to “weight” there. Heaviness and leanness are apparently mutually exclusive. Sucks to be you, sports people) and long-term diet efficacy studies didn’t prove otherwise. We all know weight-cycling is terribly good for us. Oh wait no.

  2. Joanna

    Man, it gives me so much glee to have perfect blood pressure, despite being a fatty mcfatterson (to the point where the nurse when I was in hospital for something un-fat-related was like “woah, I can’t believe I get the same result for you each time- NO ONE does that”). Also awesome: having good blood sugar levels. Suck my non-diabetic-ass, MSM.

    (Of course, it goes without saying but I will say it anyway – there is nothing inherently wrong with having high blood pressure and/or diabetes. But oh how I love to subvert)

    • QoT

      Oh, I have to admit to that too, Joanna. Sometimes when I’m feeling insecure or wondering if I’m just ~*paranoid*~ about this whole fatphobia thing, I recall the stunned-mullet expression of a doctor about a year ago who took my weight and height, “calculated” my BMI, shook her head disapprovingly and then took my blood pressure. WHADDAYA KNOW, it’s just fine.

  3. Fatius fat

    Fat [QoT: Repeated a few dozen times; congratulations, you know a basic English word. Cookie? Sorry, must have eaten them all.]

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