Same old, same old

Julie at The Hand Mirror pretty much sums up what needs to be said about Garth George’s latest attempt to boost the Herald’s readership through gratuitous offensiveness.

So just a minor point from me:  if your best example of Evil Snooty Maori Looking Down On Their Betters Like They Think They’re People Or Something is … a brown guy walking slowly across a pedestrian crossing? … then you are almost certainly talking out of your ass.

[Actually, I have a bit of sympathy for the moustached one; as a native Aucklander I may frequently be spotted muttering “move like you have a fucking purpose!” at ambling packs of policy wonks along Lambton Quay.]


  1. Julie

    Thanks QoT 🙂 I was going to write a letter to the editor as well but I just don’t know if I can write something they will publish.

  2. K

    I read this article while trawling (not to be confused with trolling) through the online papers yesterday. Obviously I was just looking to be annoyed.
    Who actually prints this shit?

    I agree with you about the slow walkers on Lambton Quay though. It is much the same as George Street in Sydney; I have places to go people!