Gosh, people, why did none of you tell me I got name-dropped by Deborah “questioning my made-up statistics is just like being gang raped” Coddington in another fine Granny Herald-hosted whinge about fatties ruining everything?

It’s full-on Martyr Time in Coddingtonland, who laments that, last time she casually threw around Holocaust comparisons and assessed people’s medical statuses with the power of psychic bigotry,

the reaction was extreme

For which evidence she readily points to, um, a single comment made on a mean post I wrote about her.

I’d love to flatter myself that I really am some kind of Big Name in the Kiwiblogosphere, but it’s a weeknight and I’m out of gin.  So new rule:  if you have to cite a no-name one-time commenter saying mean things about you on a blog almost no one outside of Australasian feminist/leftie bloggers has heard about … you’re probably not that oppressed, Deborah.

Still, if the current run of abortion posts are getting you down and you want some fatphobic lols, read her full post for gems like

I don’t see many skinny women on television pleading for Government funding to receive treatment.

from the woman who has somewhat successfully passed herself off as a “journalist” while pulling racist numbers out of thin air;

That’s kind-hearted, but if I’m concerned about friends getting too fat, am I allowed to tell them, “You don’t need that scone”, or, “Don’t eat that pie”?

it’s almost inspiring watching her try to score a bingo in a single rhetorical whine.

And because she just can’t resist (much like a fattie presented with a bowl of icing):

Of course I can’t. I would be accused of being the food Nazi.

Oh, Deborah.  I would ask you to never change, but I really don’t need to.


  1. QoT

    My apologies! 😛 I shall henceforth refer to her as evil!Deborah to avoid confusion.

  2. Pascal's bookie

    Never mind Coddington, you’ve only gone and pissed off Colonel Trottski! Mentioned in the dompost, and the Oddity of Dunedin you are.

    A scourge upon our nation’s fair discourse you are, though I happen to think it needs one, or more. Like my grandmother always used to say,

    when the light brigade charged entrenched canonn they get what they fucking deserve.

    Which is to say, that them what can only complain about your tone are just hiding in the last available ditch as the guns of truth pound closer.

    Look here and see, but be forewarned;
    he has not so much jumped the shark, as stapled it the mast and called a press conference to announce
    that he shall has no enemies;
    (to starboard that is; I’ve not seen him attack them in ages. All he does is hit the Port),
    and pointed at shark as example,
    and warned all other fishes of the deep
    that they too shall get back down the fuck end of the bus please now,
    if they knows what’s good for them,
    coz he does.

    In all honesty. It’s awful stuff, but sad to say, no longer disappointing. One would have to expect better to be disappointed.

    The back seat of his bus better be damned comfy, coz it’s got a lot of people in it these days.

    Fuck his left.

  3. QoT


    PB, I have been tone argumented by Chris Trotter. If I didn’t already have a cider in hand I would be cracking open a cold one.

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