So apparently I haven’t made a single post this year!  Bit slack of me, but I’m going to cite new job, awful weather inducing weekends of hibernation, and generally avoiding anything to incite rant-worthy displeasure (i.e. all forms of mainstream news media).

But I do have to plug the fantastic series of posts that have been done on tax and the “findings” of the Tax Working Group by Marty G over at The Standard.  Good for all your greedy-rightwing-bastard-myths-dispelling needs, especially the “but the rich pay so much taaaaaaaaax, it isn’t faaaaaaaair” ones.

Check out the comments for some beautiful examples of unacknowledged privilege – I especially loved detested the “oh PLEASE, like a net worth of $650k makes you RICH or something, practically on the breadline” debate.


  1. Deborah

    Good to hear from you. I’m glad you’re still around the place. New job – congratulations! I hope it’s going well.

  2. Julie

    Ditto Deborah and Boganette, hey would you mind dropping me an email, sorry I couldn’t find an address for you on the blog but that’s likely to be my bad.