No no no no no, Minister

Ministers reading picture books to schoolteachers.

Ministers blaming horrific youth unemployment on ‘some of them are only looking for paper runs‘.

Ministers deciding that league tables may be useless for schools but are perfect for hospitals.

And Ministers declaring that anyone challenging one of our last true monopolies is a Red under the bed out to destroy our freedoms.

If someone wants to wake me when we get to 2011, I’ll be inside a big bottle of gin.


  1. Frankie

    Hell, why don’t we make a swimming pool full of Long Island Iced Tea and have a ‘Wake me in 2011’ Pool Party!

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  3. George Darroch

    After today’s Orewa speech by Phil Goff, I’m joining you.

    At least until I save enough for a one way ticket to Sweden.

    • QoT

      Oh, that’s just painful! Because of course young people don’t feel hunger or the need for accommodation the way real people do.