The silence of the hypocritical bigoted lambs

So MPs’ expenses are out, and while nobody’s getting slaughtered for charging the taxpayer for lemons or porn, there was always going to be some drama generated.

There was a wee bubble of angst caused by the fact that a lot of people simply didn’t realise that, once you’ve been an MP for long enough, almost all of your air travel – private, business or otherwise – can be subsidized.  And that Roger Douglas is exactly a big enough hypocrite to use that for all it’s worth. [And oh, Sir Rog, “entitled” is exactly the word you wanted to use.]

But then someone noticed that Bill English appeared to be claiming an “I’m from outside Wellington” allowance … for the house occupied by himself, his wife, and his childrenIn Wellington.

The most fascinating thing?  I recall that only a matter of days ago, you couldn’t move for certain bloggers and commenters screaming “$700 A WEEK! THAT’S MORE MONEY THAN I’VE EVER SEEN! BLUDGERS! THIEVES! SLAPPERS BREEDING FOR A BUSINESS!”

$1000 extra, on top of a shiny Ministerial salary, to compensate Mr English for living in his own home?

Not a fucking whimper.

You know the rules, people:  if writers at The Standard and Cactus Kate are agreeing you’re a dodgy bastard?  They’re probably right.

H/T:  The Standard and Poneke.



  1. ianmac

    Much debate over at the Standard but muted on MSM. Talkback radio? I don’t tune in but your point about outrage at DPB v MP perks too true. Matt McCarten Sunday Herald draws attention to collecting as an MP and again as a Minister. Double dipping?

  2. stargazer

    totally agree with what you’ve said. one small point to note: the rules applying to mr douglas were changed in 1993 (i think), so anyone who became an MP after that date (or who didn’t do 9 years before that date) doesn’t get the perks he does.